Adaware Free version

A free version of an antivirus software means that the user can get the basic protection from malware and viruses without having to pay for it. But unlike the traditional antivirus software, Adaware Free version not only offers basic security features, but it also comes with various system scans and download scans. Lavasoft is an antivirus giant that has been in the cybersecurity game since 1999. It offers various commercial products designed especially for different user needs. Over the years, the company, now known as Ad-Aware, realized the importance of a free version of antivirus. With a free antivirus, users get to use the features provided by the software and also get first-hand knowledge on just how successful the antivirus software is in removing threats from the systems. Therefore, the antivirus company launched the much-awaited Adaware Free version.

In the free antivirus version of the software, various security features are provided to the users that help in keeping the system and user data safe from various cyber threats and attacks. The free antivirus software is easy to use with a friendly user interface and it does not require much system space to run and is very light on resources. It constantly sweeps the system and keeps it protected from any malware, spyware, and other dangerous viruses in real-time. It detects and blocks any such attacks before they can damage the system and instantly offers solutions for threats. Whether the threat is known previously or it is a new emerging threat, Adaware Free version has solutions for them all. The antivirus software offers real-time updates to all of its users all over the world against any such new identified threats. These regular and automatic updates make sure that the user’s device is secured from cybercriminals at all times.

Apart from the basic security features, the free antivirus software also comes with many scanning options that help keep the device stay infection-free. The full system scan inspects all the files and folders on the system to detect and remove any hidden threat among a legitimate app or program. The quick scan feature scans all the active apps, programs and software for potential threats. Adaware Free version also offers manual scanning options. The user can scan any target file or folder by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the scan option from the drop-box menu. With all these scanning options to choose from, the user’s device is very less likely to get infected with any malicious software.

Adaware antivirus software also comes with a ‘Silent Mode’. The users can watch movies or play games without getting disturbed. The silent mode feature suspends annoying notifications and also reduces the impact of games or movies on the resources of the system. Another useful feature that the free antivirus software comes with is the virtual sandbox. It analyzes potential threats and malicious files in a secure environment so as to stop any infection from spreading to the entire device. Adaware Free version is one of the leading free antivirus software in the market and rightly so. It offers amazing security tools and features and protects the user’s device and data in real-time.

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