Adaware Free Edition

Every user has a different requirement when it comes to choosing an antivirus software for the protection of their sensitive data and important financial details. While those who work on the internet all the time might require extensive and superior security features to safeguard their data from hackers and other sophisticated online threats, but users with almost no online work except maybe watching movies or using the social media websites do not need such features. Adaware Free Edition of antivirus software has more than enough security tools and features to keep users’ devices and data safe from invaders. It does not make any sense to burn a hole in the pockets by paying for security features that are not of any use. Especially when there are free antivirus software like Adaware available in the market.

When trying a new antivirus, every user needs to see first hand just how effective the particular antivirus is. With a free version available, users can gain an insight into the workings of the antivirus software. Therefore, antivirus companies launch a free version such as the Adaware Free Edition. Adaware antivirus company also offers free trial versions of its commercial software like Adaware Antivirus Pro and Adaware Antivirus Total. This helps the users in making an easy decision as to which antivirus pack should they subscribe to or if they should continue using the basic free antivirus that has been launched by the company.

Adaware free antivirus is an award-winning software and is leading the free antivirus scene. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. The antivirus software is equipped with advanced security features that provide all-round protection to all the devices. The Adaware Free Edition has a high detection rate and it efficiently blocks known as well as unknown malware from attacking the system in real-time. The user interface of the free antivirus software is refreshing and users with no technical knowledge can also easily navigate through the program. The software is light on the system and does not take up too much space. The user can comfortably work online without getting interrupted and does not face any lags on the system. Adaware is no run of the mill antivirus. Even in its free version, it offers Download Protection. The antivirus actively scans all the downloaded files on the system to detect and remove any threat that might have entered the system under disguise.

Adaware Free Edition also offers some advanced scanning options that help keep the device clean.

  • Quick Scan- This scan inspects all the active files and apps on the system to make sure no malware is actively destroying or stealing user data.
  • Full Scan- This scan runs an in-depth analysis of the system to find threats hidden among legitimate apps and programs.
  • Custom Scan- This feature helps to manually scan a target file that the user thinks is infected.
  • Schedule Scan- Perhaps one of the most important features of the free antivirus software is its scheduled scanning tool. It allows customized, automatic scans of the system defined by the user, based on frequency.

Adaware Free Edition is one of the best antivirus software in the market that has been delivering on its promise of complete security since 1999.

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