Adaware Free

Modern life made us dependent on various things. We have to have social media, the internet, online shopping, etc many things daily to stay updated. However, all these expose us to an internet risk called computer viruses. Every time we browse online, we face the risk of getting our systems infected with them. We need to stay protected from them and antivirus software is the solution. There are several antiviruses available in the market both free and paid versions. However, there is Adaware Free, from Adaware, which is all you need to stay protected.

The company, previously known as Lavasoft AB, started its journey in the late 1990s by launching its flagship product Ad-Aware. The company has various products like the commercial anti-spyware product, free antivirus for home use, products to filter malicious URLs, ad blockers, secure web browser, etc. The Ad-aware 11, launched in 2013, has BitDefender’s antivirus engine combined with Adaware’s existing anti-malware technology. In 2015, adaware licensed the cloud-based malicious URL database of Avira and used it with companies malicious URL filter. By both organic and inorganic growth, the company grew over time and become one of the trusted antivirus brands of the world. The company boasts that it offers freedom to browse. They deliver solutions for a personalized experience. The services ensure seamless connections between the user and his world and in the process gives the user his peace of mind.

Adaware Free is a one-stop solution for all your virus worries. But, what are computer viruses? The computer virus or malware is computer program written in malicious intent like stealing identity and data, infecting files, etc. There are numerous types of malicious software like a trojan horse that looks harmless to pass the firewall and then get activated. A logic bomb is a piece of code that will be executed and give rise to malicious activities once a certain condition is met. Spyware is the malware that collects confidential user information like card number, id password and sends them to a third party without the consent of the user. Backdoor is the secret path to bypass the authentic information of the system. Ransomware is the malware that steals confidential information and threatens to disclose the information until their demands are met.

The company has three versions of antivirus on the offering, one free and two paid versions. The paid versions are called Pro and Total respectively. The free version is no strings attached version without any hidden clause or conditions. Adaware Free provides award-winning antivirus protection. It stops all the viruses and malware like ransomware, computer virus, trojan, spyware and other forms of malware. It also has a unique feature of download protection which scans all downloads before they can act on the PC. The protection is real-time that is the Adaware Free blocks malicious processes and infected files in real-time. The paid versions have more features like technical support, safe banking, and shopping feature, protected web browsing, a powerful firewall, etc.; even then the powerful antivirus engine and detection rate make the free version a must-have.

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