Adaware Pro

One of the first software companies to come up with an effective antivirus program to keep computers secure from various dangerous malware and viruses was Lavasoft. It launched Adaware antivirus software back in 1999 and the product got raving reviews for its security features. Over the years, Lavasoft changed its name to Adaware and continued offering a variety of antivirus software. One such amazing software is Adaware Pro. It comes with top-notch security features at an affordable price and does not overloads the system. It is a light software that is also compatible with other traditional antivirus software, although third-party antivirus programs are not required when using Adaware antivirus since it comes packed with all the basic as well as advanced security features.

The antivirus software is easy to download and has a user-friendly interface that is quite easy to navigate through. The dashboard of the program displays all the main features that the user can enable and disable as per need. There are various shortcuts to different functions of Adaware Pro listed on the left-hand sidebar. The antivirus software also offers various scanning options. The Quick Scan option sweeps all the active and running apps and programs on the system for malware. The Full Scan option runs an in-depth scan and checks each and every file and folder for any hidden threat. There is also a Custom Scan that allows the user to inspect targeted files or folder that might be displaying suspicious behavior. Along with these scanning options, the user can also schedule a regular scan to sweep the computer at a given time and frequency. Various latest and emerging viruses are downloaded automatically by Adaware Pro. Therefore, Adaware users never have to worry about being vulnerable to any kind of new threat.

The antivirus software offers real-time protection from malware, spyware, ransomware, and other dangerous e-threats. The award-winning antivirus software blocks infected files and other malicious programs from damaging the system and user data. It comes equipped with a powerful and enhanced firewall that shields the user’s device from devious intruders and hackers looking to steal data and corrupt the systems. The advanced network security feature blocks various cyber-attacks in real-time and keeps the device safe. The effective anti-spam filter offers protection from malicious links and attachments in the email. Adaware Pro sweeps all the active as well as past downloads to check for any malicious malware camouflaging amidst legitimate apps or programs and trying to sneak into the system.

One of the most important features that everybody needs in this digital age is a Safe Shopping and Online Banking feature. With Adaware installed on their systems, users do not have to worry about being a victim identity theft or getting attacked by ransomware. The sensitive financial information of the user is protected against all hackers and ransomware. Apart from the abovementioned security features, the antivirus also comes with continuous technical support for Adaware Pro users. Any query of the user or issues regarding the antivirus software is resolved quickly and without any hassles.

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