Comodo Antivirus Virus Scanner

Antivirus is one of the basic needs of every PC because a PC also needs full care and protection just like you. There are various antiviruses in the market that claim to provide full protection to your PC but they can’t fulfill those. Your PC requires an antivirus that will take care of your PC in every situation. For that purpose, we have Comodo Antivirus Virus Scanner. This Antivirus is one of the efficient and reliable antiviruses that will provide full protection to your PC. Why this Antivirus is considered to be one of the best? Because this Antivirus is having impressive sets of feature also it gives you a secure browser at a very minimal cost. You will be amazed by using this antivirus because it is very much easy to use and also it is highly appreciated by various techie. This Antivirus runs all day long in the background of your PC and protects it from various threats.

The most common scam these days is Phishing in which malicious hackers create fake emails and websites which are copies of various other reputed websites. After that, they try to steal your username and password. The Antivirus can protect you against such things. It is having its firewall in which it will prevent other websites that try to make a connection with your PC. Cyberspace is one such place where we need to be extra alert because there are very high chances of security break and data loss these days. Your PC might be having spyware and keyloggers which need to be eradicated. This Antivirus easily locates them and delete them permanently from your PC.


Comodo Antivirus is having one of those features which are far ahead than other Antivirus. Features are one of the basic sought out thing which a person prefer before purchasing any Antivirus. The list of features that this Antivirus provides is huge. One of the most common features of this Antivirus is Sandbox in which the Antivirus identifies various potentially dangerous files that try to run automatically on your PC. It catches those files and put them in the sandbox. There are various malware that is Planted in your PC by various malicious programmers. This Antivirus detects those pre-installed files and deletes them.

This Antivirus also comes with a full secure Web Browser which is Comodo Dragon. This is one of the reliable and safe browser that provides you full security to you whenever you are using NetBanking or e-commerce websites.  It hardly takes 40 MB on your PC. It also blocks activities of malware and thus it creates a safe and secure environment for you as well as your PC. This Antivirus tracks you whenever you go online and warns you whenever you try to enter any suspicious or unsafe websites.


For installing this amazing Antivirus you need to visit its official website. You will get it for free for some initial period but after that, you need to pay a small amount to continue using this. This Antivirus will take full care of your PC at minimal cost. Go with this Antivirus.

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