Comodo Antivirus For Windows Vista

Since Microsoft has long ended its support for the Windows Vista platform, the users still working on the same operating systems have trouble finding the best antivirus protection for their devices. Comodo antivirus for windows vista is one of the most amazing antivirus software that offers complete cybersecurity solutions to keep all Windows devices secure from threats in real-time. It offers advanced endpoint protection against emerging malware and viruses that help in preventing an attack beforehand. The antivirus software delivers on its promise of keeping all devices secure against cyber threats and prevent data theft, identity theft, etc.

The download and installation process of the antivirus software is quick and easy, with clear instructions provided on-screen for the users. After the installation, a scan will start automatically to check for any malware already present in the system. It efficiently deletes or blocks any such threats. Apart from this scan, Comodo antivirus for windows vista also offers various other scanning tools that help to safeguard the system:

  • Full System Scan- scans the entire system for any hidden threats;
  • Quick Scan- inspects all the active apps and programs for potential risks or malware trying to sneak in;
  • On-access Scan- inspects all the apps and files for potential threats and blocks suspicious files in real-time;
  • One-click Scan- clean the entire system with just one click to enhance the performance;
  • Drag and Drop scan- ‘drop’ files on the “Drag and Drop” area to scan suspicious files instantly;
  • Scheduled Scan- the flexible scanning tool allows users to schedule scans at a regular frequency or as suitable.

With Comodo antivirus for windows vista securing the Vista devices, users can safely surf the web and work online without the stress of any intruders prying on their confidential data. The antivirus software comes equipped with various advanced security tools and features that help in maintaining the ‘virus-free’ status of the devices.

  • Sandbox- The Comodo sandbox is called ‘Valkyrie’ that allows the users to run suspicious files or apps in a secure environment where any threats can be contained and not spread to the entire system. It can also protect users from online threats by opening browsers in the secure sandbox;

  • Host Intrusion Prevention System- This advanced technology that comes with Comodo antivirus for windows vista helps the user to set flexible behavior rules for each and every app installed on the device. It also notifies the user if any untrusted program is trying to make changes or launch files without authorization;

  • Secure web browser- Securely surf the internet with the reliable Comodo Dragon, a browser that efficiently blocks cookies, unsecured SSL certificates, and suspicious websites that might be a potential risk. With the secure shopping option, users can also perform net banking and shop online safely;
  • Anti-malware- Get real-time protection against known and new malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, ransomware, and various other cyber threats, along with phishing attacks;

  • Email protection- Comodo antivirus for windows vista offers the ultimate protection to users as it scans all emails for suspicious attachments and infected links;

  • Adware security- It blocks malicious ads and pop-up banners on websites to ensure that the user does not accidentally click on a fraudulent website link;

  • Firewall- The enhanced personal firewall keeps a check on the internet traffic and prevents cybercriminals from accessing the confidential user data.

Apart from all the security features, Comodo antivirus software also offers parental controls for users to keep a tab on their child’s internet activities and block inappropriate websites. With Game Mode, users can enjoy seamless gaming sessions without any interruptions. Comodo antivirus is a worthy antivirus that offers various live help options to resolve user’s queries quickly.

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