Comodo Antivirus For Laptop Windows 10

Comodo Antivirus for laptop windows 10 is an effective tool against malware and provide optimum security for your pc. It adds multiple layers of protection to your pc. The antivirus offers real-time protection which helps to locate and detecting malware before it can attack. The antivirus runs unsafe files in an isolated environment, to protect the rest of the files and data. They also offer a host intrusion protection system, where users can control what applications are allowed to do on the system.

Installation takes around twenty minutes and post-installation, the antivirus will try to change your default search engine and web browser. The user can go for a quick scan, full scan or dating scan(scans most commonly infected areas) and one-click scan. Comodo Antivirus for laptop windows 10 also offers an on-demand scan,   scan, and boot-time scan. The interface seems simple yet versatile. Comodo’s sandbox features enable you to run suspected programs in a safe virtual environment, where they will not harm the rest of the system. The antivirus has a build-in browser called Comodo Dragon, which protects your privacy by blocking cookies and locating dubious SSL certificates.

It uses cloud-based whitelisting, which helps the user to identify a trusted vendor. The antivirus has a game mode feature, where all alerts are blocked while the game is on. It offers internet security features as -safe shopping and banking, protection against keyloggers, screen capture blocking and browser isolation. The Default Deny Protection helps to identify safe files and applications and making these safe files accessible to the user. The secure shopping feature helps to identify the trusted sites and blocks suspicious websites. Comodo Antivirus for laptop windows 10 offers protection that is based on prevention rather than detection. It locates the malware before it has affected the computer and prevents it from entering the system. It also blocks unsafe downloading and provides email protection. Cloud-based behavioral analysis ensures protection against zero-day threats. Cloud-based scanning makes sure that virus definitions are updated in real-time, and antivirus is equipped to catch even the latest malware.

Comodo hasn’t been tested by many labs but AV tests showed good results as it received 100% protection certification in 2018. However, there are no other lab results available. Other third-party results showed that the antivirus slowed down systems performance and application launches after being installed. Based on user testing, the antivirus also lacked protection against phishing. The interface is easy but the configuration settings are too comprehensive for a beginner to understand. The antivirus keeps pushing the user to change his/her search engine and default browser. It also lacks certain features such as a file shredder, webcam or microphone protection, VPN(Virtual Private Network) and has been reported to slow the system down. Technical support is available for users 24×7. Comodo Antivirus for laptop windows 10 provides protection against spyware, rootkit, malware, viruses, trojan horses, and worms. It includes a firewall that acts as a thick layer of protection for your system.

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