Comodo Antivirus Free Download Full Version

With the Comodo Antivirus free download full version, users get access to all the paid features that come with the commercial antivirus software for a trial period of 30 days. Over the years, antivirus companies have realized the importance of offering a free antivirus or at least a trial version of their commercial products. Users do not blindly trust or readily pay for a product that they have never tested. With such trial editions, users can use the antivirus software themselves without having to pay for the first 30 days, thereby enabling them to make an educated decision at the end of the trial period as to whether or not the subscription should be continued.

Comodo Antivirus free download full version offers all-round protection to all devices, be it desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphones. It is fully compatible with operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10, along with Mac OS X 10.9.5, 10.10+, and 10.11+. It also offers an antivirus app for Androids for free. The interface of the antivirus software is user-friendly with the key security icons displayed on the main screen. The antivirus software itself is light on the system and does not take up too much space. The efficient antivirus software has a cloud-based scanning option that detects and removes malicious malware even if the system does not have the updated version of the virus definitions. Comodo Antivirus free download full version offers a spyware scanner that gets rid of threats present in the disks and the registry of the PC and cleans the system.

With Comodo antivirus free trial version, users need not worry about making trivial decisions such as whether or not to block certain suspicious apps or place potentially risky files under quarantine, etc. The reliable antivirus software makes all such decisions on behalf of the user. It also offers the Game Mode option to users for uninterrupted gaming sessions. In this mode, all notifications are suppressed so that the user can enjoy playing games without any intervention, while the antivirus quietly works in the background, eliminating or containing threats as they appear. Comodo Antivirus free download full version with a precise Auto Sandbox Technology where any untrusted apps or programs can be run by the user in the protected virtual environment, to ensure that no malware in such files can infect the system or damage user data. The advanced personal firewall offered by the antivirus software monitors all the web traffic and prevents hackers and other intruders from accessing the device without authorization.

With Comodo free antivirus software protecting their devices, users can also surf the web securely with the help of the trusted Comodo Dragon web browser that blocks suspicious websites and phishing attempts in real-time. The secure browser also allows the users to shop online and perform net banking operations without worrying about identity thefts and ransomware trying to steal financial credentials and other personal information. Comodo Antivirus free download full version lets the user see and use the antivirus features firsthand and help secure their devices for a minimum of 30 days in the free trial, or upgrade and subscribe to the commercial pack.

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