Comodo Antivirus Virus Remover

Comodo Antivirus Malware removal is an antivirus offered by Comodo, which provides security solutions for computer systems. They offer antiviruses for all major platforms including Mac, Linux, Windows and Android. It is based on prevention of malware rather than detection which means it expertly locates the malware before it has entered your computer. This antivirus provides protection against spyware, Trojan horses, worms, rootkit, viruses and other malware. It is compatible with Windows, 10,8,7 and Vistas. You can choose from three options Comodo Internet Security Premium, Comodo Internet Security Pro and Comodo Internet Security Complete.

Comodo Antivirus malware removal uses default denies prevention, which ensures that trusted and listed applications and files are identified and accessible by the system. The auto sandbox technology creates a safe virtual environment that opens suspected program in an isolated environment where it cannot harm other files. The antivirus comes with internet security features such as -secure shopping, whitelisting websites and email protection. The safe banking feature helps to prevent keylogger, identify malicious sites, and blocking screen capturing. The cloud based behavioral analysis ensures that no zero threat malware escapes the antivirus. The cloud based scanning updates the antivirus continuously with new virus definitions, which helps the antivirus to identify latest malware. Cloud Based whitelisting helps user to identify a trusted vendor or website. The antivirus does not let any unsafe or unidentified file or program to be opened in unsafe environment where it can potentially harm the system.

The antivirus also offers a game mode, in which all alerts, including virus updates, and scheduled scans are suppressed. The app control feature helps the user to limit application access on his system, as he ..she wishes. It offers many scanning options such as on demand scan, on access scan, one click scan and boot time scan. It comes equipped with a firewall, for optimum protection. Apart from email protection, it also comes with anti-spam and web protection. It does not block malicious URLs, but issues warning against unidentified websites. Comodo Antivirus malware removal offers simple interface with comprehensive settings, that some users may find perplex. Some of the configurations require prior expert knowledge about Antiviruses.

Comodo Antivirus malware removal lacks certain features such as phishing protection, file shredder, webcam or microphone protection. AV lab tests in 2018 showed the antivirus to have 100 results. But there have been no other third party lab results. However, user testing and reviews have showed that it significantly slows down your system after being installed. It does not offer a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is a common feature in antiviruses these days .It blocks unsafe downloads and provides protection against ransomware. The antivirus, after being installed pushes the user incessantly to change their default browser and search engine which can be a bit annoying but handled easily.Comodo Antivirus malware removal provides technical support 24×7.It is one of the best antiviruses available out there and is good in terms of malware protection.Combined with internet security features, it acts as a full system security for your pc.

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