Comodo Antivirus For Desktop

Comodo Antivirus for Desktop is one of the widely used Antiviruses these days. There are various sets of amazing features in this antivirus. It has very advanced features that various techies would appreciate. This antivirus is although not the best but still it is one of the good Antiviruses to protect your PC. This Antivirus will help in catching various malware, viruses, and spyware from your PC. This antivirus is constructed with multiple layers for providing high-level security to your PC. It is capable of catching and removing various threats that try to harm your PC. The protection of your PC should be your priority. This antivirus has passed various lab tests and with a very good score. It is compatible with various platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is having a feature of sandboxing in which this Antivirus will provide real-time protection to your PC and if it finds any malware that tries to harm your PC, it puts that malware in a sandbox to make your PC free from viruses. The interface of Comodo Antivirus is very much user-friendly. However, three are some features in this Antivirus which are meant for high-level techie only. The scan results of Comodo Antivirus is always very quick. This Antivirus comes with its private browser and firewall. We sometimes get worried about our privacy on various social media websites. If you are using this Antivirus then you do not have to worry about a penny for your security. The set of features is very impressive and they are far much ahead than the rest antiviruses in the market.


We look at an antivirus that has impressive features. It is having a feature of The Host Intrusion Prevention System. This is one of the advanced features for techie users. It is very flexible and powerful which is used to set behavior for the app on your operating system. It alerts the user whenever an unknown untrusted program tries to launch an exe file. It will then inform you about that situation and you can decide what you have to do.

This Antivirus also provides user full security on various other e-commerce and social networking websites. For that purpose, it is having its own Comodo Dragon browser which is one of the safest and secure browsers. This browser can be easily downloaded from its official website. This browser is compatible with every Windows version. This browser blocks cookies and suspicious SSL certificates that try to gain access to your PC. If you are looking for a fast and secure browser then the Comodo dragon is made for you. Comodo Dragon doesn’t occupy much space in your PC.

Final Verdict

Comodo Antivirus is one of the best Antiviruses when it comes to the features. It is having its own safe and secure web browser and firewall that will take care of your privacy. Just download this incredible antivirus by visiting the official website of Comodo antivirus and protect yourself from various threats.

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