Comodo Antivirus Free Download For Mac

Mac devices used to be invincible to cyber-attacks and out of reach of cybercriminals. But with recent developments and technological advancements, hackers have also become sophisticated in their approach and have developed new threats targeting just the Mac devices. Therefore, it is a smart decision to install an efficient antivirus software on the devices to safeguard them against such new-found threats. Comodo Antivirus free download for Mac is a software designed especially for Mac OS, keeping in mind the rise in cyber attacks on Mac devices and the need to secure them. Comodo antivirus works on the motto to prevent an attack before it happens rather than detecting and removing it afterward. With Comodo antivirus software installed on the device, Mac owners do not have to worry about any data theft or cyber attack.

Comodo antivirus software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9.5, 10.10+, and 10.11+. The minimum hardware requirements to install the software are Mac Intel i386 and Intel x86_64 to ensure that the Comodo Antivirus free download for Mac works smoothly. The software proactively works against malicious malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc. and keep the devices secure. Comodo antivirus is an easy-to-install software that is neither too heavy on the system nor takes up too much space. It quietly works in the background, distilling suspicious files and links from the trusted ones, while the user works online without facing any lags. The user interface of the software is clean and intuitive, with all the key security features displayed on the main screen or dashboard. There are various informative sub-sections that are neatly organized for easy access.

One of the most unique and perhaps useful features of the Comodo Antivirus free download for Mac is its ‘drag and drop’ tool. Users can drop files onto the ‘drag and drop’ area for instant scanning and check for threats. Apart from this, there are various other scanning tools offered by the antivirus software to keep a check on new threats. There is a full system scan that takes about an hour to run with a low impact on the system. The on-access scanning option inspects all the apps and programs for threats and blocks them if anything suspicious is detected. With the flexible virus scanner tool, users can schedule scans to run at times that are convenient for them. Comodo Antivirus free download for Mac isolates files with potential threats and quarantines them so that the threat can be contained before any major loss occurs.

Comodo antivirus software offers real-time protection against known as well as unknown cyber threats. It prevents any malware from sneaking into the device and offers real-time protection against zero-day threats and dangerous viruses at all times. With a one-click scanning option, users can run an on-demand sweep of the system along with deep cleaning to enhance performance. The unique “Slider” button allows the user to change the security status of the antivirus software. Apart from all the security tools and features, the antivirus software also comes with real-time updates against new-found threats. With its virus definitions updated on a regular basis, the Comodo Antivirus free download for Mac ensures that no Mac OS is vulnerable to cyber threats at any given moment and users can surf the web without any stress.

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