Comodo Antivirus for vista

Comodo Antivirus for vista is Microsoft’s exclusive enemy of malware instrument that is utilized in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as a matter of course. At the hour of its creation, it used to be fairly trimmed and inadequate, which caused an overflowing of analysis. Notwithstanding, it has been genuinely improved from that point forward, so in 2019, it has a lot to be adored for.

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Starting today, it is a full-highlighted antivirus item that gives solid malware insurance and some valuable additional items. It is profoundly assessed by the world’s driving AV testing labs (however Avast free still scores higher). Comodo Antivirus recognizes and expels practically 100% of digital dangers without an overwhelming effect on the framework execution.

Absolute AV dealt a similar time; the Comodo Antivirus for vista still comes up short on some significant highlights offered by top antivirus suites. Additionally, its presentation isn’t perfect, particularly with regards to false positives. At long last, Microsoft doesn’t offer committed client service for Comodo Antivirus clients.

Things being what they are, is Comodo Antivirus enough for an ordinary client? It relies upon the client’s kind of Internet action, his desires, and needs. Propelled clients might need to decide on option antivirus items that spread every one of their needs: TotalAV, Avast or Bitdefender.

What we like in Comodo Antivirus for vista

•                   It is completely free

•                   It comes pre-introduced

•                   No sway on the framework execution

•                   Effectively shields from infections and malware

•                   Has some pleasant additional items

•                   Rather simple to utilize

•                   Free ransomware security

What we didn’t care for in Comodo Antivirus for vista

•                   Scores in the tests are blended

•                   The number of additional highlights is restricted


•                   Provides strong assurance from most sorts of malware;

•                   Has an inherent firewall;

•                   Phishing insurance for IE and Edge programs;

•                   Parental control highlight is accessible;

•                   Comes pre-introduced in Windows OS; insurance is empowered naturally

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Unwavering quality and Security of Comodo Antivirus for vista

Before we start discussing the highlights and the abilities of the product, how about we answer one inquiry, which is of essential significance: is Comodo Antivirus adequate to shield you from infections and malware? The appropriate response is true, it is. Windows 10 Defender makes a respectable showing in finding and expelling most digital dangers. This is affirmed by the world’s real autonomous testing labs.

AV-Test, which is one of the world’s best-known labs, has more than once positioned Comodo Antivirus among top-ten antivirus programming suites as far as unwavering quality (read about best antivirus for Windows 10). While it is fit for identifying up to 100% of known and zero-day dangers, the pace of supposed false positives is somewhat higher than normal. At long last, SE Labs gives it only a 96% score, which is very low whenever contrasted with the best AV suites, for example, Bitdefender or Kaspersky.

In our tests, Comodo Antivirus for vista effectively distinguished 100% of known dangers and 100% of obscure (recently made) designs. All things considered, it “discovered” 2 phony dangers – innocuous bits of programming that were set apart as suspicious.

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