Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free

  Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free program is an all-rounder program that not only covers antivirus solution but also internet security with parental control and game-booster mode. Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free program is designed with an easy interface that is user-friendly and the tech experts are always up to guide and support the customer with solving issues or technical difficulty via 24/7 toll-free number and email.


HTTPS monitor-

Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free Version includes a URL scanner that scans the web address and blocks the sites which are not authenticated with HTTPS.

Web Protection-

The Web Monitor blocks malicious sites and fraudulent websites before they load on the browser. The program also stands against phishing attacks, neutralizes bank trojans, blocks keyloggers activity, offers payment protection while shopping or making online transactions, stops automatic downloads of malicious content, defends spyware attacks, blocks adware, prevents identity theft and many more.


Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free program stops intruders from monitoring the legal users online. The program prevents the botnet servers from connecting to the home network and blocks unauthorized access to the network. The firewall program also reduces the network traffic and enhances the browsing speed.

Cloud-based Security-

Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free is powered by cloud-based security, it mainly scans the email sections and reduces the chances of ransomware attacks, It also allows one to control more than one device at a time from a single location via a cloud management dashboard. The cloud-security allows storing files in a backup server so that if the files are erased or lost, they can be restored.

  Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free features Parental control with application control and web-filter. The parents now can determine which websites can be accessed by their children and can lock certain files or applications which they don’t want to be controlled by their children. Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free also includes the game-mode feature that basically clears the RAM load and optimizes CPU performance while kids play high-resolution games on the device. As a result, the device does not face issues like heat-ups, lag up, excessive battery drainage and slowdowns.

  Apart From internet Security, Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free includes other features like- Default Deny Protection, Auto SandBoxing Technique, Prevention-based Protection, Cloud-based Antivirus, Cloud-Based Whitelisting, Application Contro, Personalized Protection Alerts, vulnerability detection, Quarantine, and many more.  Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free runs both on-access and periodical scanning operation of the entire system to recognize infected areas as well as the presence of malware components and immediately erases malware components after the detection and recovers the ailing areas. The auto-sandbox technology captures the malware elements before they get a chance to have access to the main device and thus reduces the possibility of threat occurrence. Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free features a weakness detector to find out if any application requires updates or any area of the system is creating security holes. Before the hackers take advantage of the security weakness, Comodo Antivirus Internet Security Free minimizes the pores by taking effective security measures.

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