Comodo Antivirus Virus Remover

Comodo Antivirus virus remover helps to remove and protect your system from viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, worms and other malware .Comodo has in business for a very long time and also offers solutions for business uses. The antivirus can easily be bought from their official website. There are three options available to choose from Comodo Internet Security Premium, Comodo Internet Security Pro and Comodo Internet Security Complete.

.It is compatible with Windows, 10, 8,7 and Vistas. It also provides security solutions for other platforms such as Mac, Android and Linux.

Comodo Antivirus virus remover just not only removes malware, it also protects your computer by preventing any malware from entering the computer system. It uses prevention as the main focus rather than detection. It uses DDP (Default Deny Protection) to identify safe listed files and programs and making them accessible to the system and the user. It comes bundled with internet security feature, a trustworthy scanner and a firewall. The auto sandbox technology use virtually isolated environment to open or access suspicious files, to prevent them from harming other data. It also comes with shopping and banking protection, which protects the use against key loggers, unsafe websites, and screen capturing .Cloud based behavioral analysis makes sure that virus definitions are updated regularly hence, protecting the system against zero day threats.

The antivirus also offers a game mode, in which the antiviruses hides all the alerts, virus updates and pop ups. Comodo Antivirus virus remover offer many different scanning options including full system scan, rating scan, on demand scan, on access scan, and boot time scan. It has other security features such as heuristic detection (behavioral based malware detection), email security, sandbox, cloud AV, Anti-spam and a firewall. The firewall adds a layer of protection to your computer .Cloud based scanning ensures that real time virus definitions are updated frequently. AV results showed Comodo to be the best antivirus for year 2018.However, no other lab results are available and since 2018, Comodo’s performance has changed.

Based on user testing and reviews, it was found that the antivirus though catches most malware, falls weak when it comes to phishing protection. It also impacted systems performance negatively after being installed. It lacks some basic features such as a file shredder, webcam and microphone protection, and no password manager. Comodo Antivirus virus remover provides comprehensive configuration that might require expert knowledge to use. The interface is simple but extensive settings options might be confusing for a beginner. You can configure three types of security settings-internet setting, proactive setting and firewall setting. Technical support is provided 24×7 and the user can even configure themes and configuration for the appearance of antiviruses interface.

Comodo Antivirus virus remover is excellent in terms of features provided and performance given. It is also an affordable and cost effective antivirus .Its protection is based on prevention rather than protection, which ensures that your pc is protected from the very beginning and has strong defenses. Apart, form the features that it lacks and the effect on system performance, it is still one of the best options available due to the excellent protection it provides against malware including zero day threats.

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