Panda Antivirus Software

Remember the movie Kung Fu Panda? A cute looking panda fighting all the evil guys? As it stands, in the real world also, there is such a panda that fights with evil elements of the world. Only here the evil elements are malware and computer viruses. Introducing to you the Panda Antivirus Software, a well known and powerful antivirus software that protects your computer from all the malware.

Panda Antivirus Software is a product of Panda Security. This antivirus software has a rich history to support its cause. The journey started in 1998 when the Panda Security, a Spanish Multinational with presence in over 180+ countries,  launched the first antivirus software. It had a daily signature file then. Then in 2004, TruPrevent Technologies was launched. It was their first behavioral scanner and proactive protection system. The first cloud scanning product came out in 2007 and by 2010 Panda Security become the first company with a completely cloud-based offering. Panda security again becomes the first company to propose a new security model in 2014. The model was based on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Behavioral Analysis in 2014. And then, in 2015, Panda Security launched the first and only IT security service by combining the EDP and ERP process.

Panda Antivirus Software protects your system from malware, but what is the malware? There are many types of malware. There is a trojan horse that looks harmless to pass the firewall and then get activated. A logic bomb is a piece of code that will be executed and give rise to malicious activities once a certain condition is met. Spyware is the malware that collects confidential user information like card number, id password and sends them to a third party without the consent of the user. Backdoor is the secret path to bypass the authentic information of the system. Ransomware is the malware that steals confidential information and threatens to disclose the information until their demands are met.

The Panda Antivirus Software has both the free version and the premium version. The free version is exclusively for the use of private stand-alone houses, schools, non-profit organizations. The premium version can also be bought by anyone. The paid products are Panda Dome Essential, Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Dome complete and Panda Dome Premium. The price of the software vary but all of them offer their first month as free use. There are also specific services available along with the products. Like Panda Cleanup which improves the performance of the device and extends battery life. Right now it is only compatible with Windows, Panda VPN compatible with Windows and Android only. Other than that, there are Panda Password that manages all passwords of web services and Panda Family that protects your children online from dangerous and inappropriate content. The last two features will be available soon. The track record of protecting your system over the years and world-class features have made Panda Antivirus Software one of the most trusted software in Europe.

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