Panda Antivirus Free Download

Working or gaming online? Now keep your devices protected with Panda Antivirus free download. The reliable antivirus software provides 100 percent security from various cyber threats with minimal impact on the device. Its installation is quite easy. The users do not have to navigate through a complicated interface to reach basic security settings. With Panda antivirus, stay updated at all times and do not worry about any cyberattacks on your device and data. It is a light software and mostly works from the cloud-based network. It works discreetly in the background without causing any lags and disruptions, while the user can comfortably continue working online. With Panda antivirus, there is no need to look for daily updates or store files.

Though the word ‘free’ in Panda Antivirus free download might cast some shadows of doubt in the mind of the user, this antivirus has been one of the best free software for Windows as well as Android-based devices. It comes with absolutely no hidden fees or charges. But the fact that it is free does not mean it does not protects the user’s device and data properly. This award-winning antivirus software comes with complete protection and advanced security features even in its free version. It protects the user from the new emerging threats by detecting and blocking all malware, spyware, and viruses in real-time from damaging the device and data. With Panda Antivirus free download, the user can also schedule scans of the device as and when needed. Along with targeted scans, it also provides regular and periodic scan that sweeps the entire system for any hidden threat and malware.

Panda antivirus software also scans any external device like USB as it is attached to the system, to prevent unwanted apps or malicious malware from transferring from the USB to the system. Another important and unique feature in the free antivirus software is the Panda Rescue Kit. The antivirus runs an advanced and extensive scan on an infected computer for recovery. It creates a USB drive as a backup before booting and cleaning an infected system that won’t even start otherwise. This feature makes Panda Antivirus free download an extraordinary free antivirus software with features that other traditional antivirus companies cover only under a paid subscription. Its multimedia mode makes sure that the user is not interrupted by annoying notifications while gaming or watching videos.

Apart from free antivirus for Windows, Panda also offers security to Android smartphones. The free antivirus for Android scans all the installed apps before the user even opens them. It also scans the external memory card in the smartphone for any hidden threats and suspicious files. Its Privacy Auditor keeps a check on which apps have access to user’s data such as location, contacts, images, etc. Apart from keeping the phones secure from various internet threats, Panda Antivirus free download also optimizes the phone’s performance and its battery life. It monitors various apps and closes idle programs to maximize battery life and enhance performance. The free antivirus also tracks the location of your device on maps. As it offers such a wide range of security features, Panda antivirus is the front runner among all the free antivirus software.

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