Panda Software

Panda Software is the proprietary software of Panda Security, a Spanish multinational company. The company is dominant in Europe and other places in the world. The company started its journey by building antivirus software. Presently they have ventured into advance cybersecurity science. They currently have the technology to prevent cybercrimes. Panda Securities has a presence in more than one hundred and eighty countries with more than 30 million user base. It has over six hundred employees and sixteen subsidiaries. The company has been constantly ranked among the top 500 fasted growing companies in Europe for the last 22 years. In 2015, the company was included in Truffle’s Top 100 ranking of European software companies.

The Panda Software is available in a free version and paid version. Platform wise the software can be differentiated in antivirus software for windows, for mac and android. Other than that there are specific services available along with the products. Like Panda Cleanup which improves the performance of the device and extends battery life. Right now it is only compatible with Windows, Panda VPN compatible with Windows and Android only. Other than that, there are Panda Password that manages all passwords of web services and Panda Family that protects your children online from dangerous and inappropriate contents. The last two feature is yet to be available however they are expected to be available soon. These features of Panda Software protect you from different malware and computer viruses like a trojan horse, ransomware, backdoor path, adware, spyware, logic bomb and many other.

The free antivirus is compatible with Windows and Android and not with mac. It is a very secure software with 100% virus detection ratio. It is very easy to use and very lightweight as well. All the work is done from the cloud so you do not have to worry about daily updates or storing files in the local system. The free version comes with Antivirus protection, USB protection, Panda rescue kit, and Multimedia/Game mode. For the free android version, it has features like antivirus protection, privacy auditor, optimization and location option.

The paid software has four categories.  Panda Dome Essential is the most basic of the four. Other than that there are Panda Dome Advanced and Panda Dome complete. The top of the list is Panda Dome Premium which has all the services that are available at present. Some of the notable features are antivirus protection with firewall, free VPN with data and location limitation, protection of Wi-Fi network, parental control, identity protection when browsing and particularly when banking or online shopping, advanced protection against ransomware, data shield for encrypting the confidential data. There is a password manager as well that secures and manages all the online passwords with a single click. In the case of the VPN, there is a limit of the data that can be utilized per day, however, for the Premium product, there is another option of unlimited VPN. The premium product also enjoys unlimited premium round the clock Technical Support.

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