Panda Antivirus Pro

Anyone can attempt to do a job but not everyone can. Some of them can do the job but to get the job done perfectly, sometimes all you need is a Pro. The Pro version of the Panda Antivirus software is called Panda Dome Premium. This cloud-based antivirus software has all the state of the art features that Panda Security has to offer.

Panda Security is a big IT security company based in Spain. It is dominant in Europe and the other parts of the world. The company started its journey by building antivirus software. Presently they have ventured into advance cybersecurity science. They currently have the technology to prevent cybercrimes. Panda Securities has a presence in more than 180 countries with more than 30 million user base. The company has been constantly ranked among the top 500 fasted growing companies in Europe for the last 22 years. In 2015, the company was included in Truffle’s Top 100 ranking of European software companies.

Panda Security has made its name in antivirus and anti-malware protection services. It makes sense to discuss something about this malware before diving into the realm of Panda Antivirus Pro. There are numerous types of malicious software like a trojan horse that looks harmless to pass the firewall and then get activated. A logic bomb is a piece of code that will be executed and give rise to malicious activities once a certain condition is met. Spyware is the malware that collects confidential user information like card number, id password and sends them to a third party without the consent of the user. Backdoor is the secret path to bypass the authentic information of the system. Ransomware is the malware that steals confidential information and threatens to disclose the information until their demands are met.

The antivirus software provided by Panda Security is very easy to use and very lightweight as well. All the work is done from the cloud so you do not have to worry about daily updates or storing files in the local system. When it comes to antivirus, Panda Antivirus Pro or Panda Dome Premium has it all. It all starts with antivirus protection with a firewall. In this department, particularly for windows, it has a 100% virus detection rate, It also offers free VPN limited to 150 MB/day and one location. For Mac and Android, the software gives real-time antivirus protection. The Pro antivirus protects your Wi-Fi network, scans USB devices, provides data shields. It has a new feature of parental control to manage the internet and app use of your child. Particularly for online shopping and banking, it has identity protection option. It has advanced protection against ransomware and threats. For the pro version only it has unlimited VPN both data-wise and location wise. There is a cleanup tool as well to boost up your device and its performance. Panda Security also provides 24×7 unlimited premium technical support. Although some of the features are available in other versions of the software, the unlimited VPN and round the clock tech support is only for the Pro version. All these have made the Panda Antivirus Pro a must-have tool.

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