Panda Internet Security

 Dome’s Panda Internet Security has recently been valued with 100% detection accuracy by the Real-World Protection Test. Needless to say, Panda Internet Security takes lead in the competition with other security programs on the same plane for proving itself to be the best of all. Panda Internet Security promises to offer real-time internet security protection to keep your devices safe from the evil hands of cyber pirates. Millions of reports regarding cyber-attacks had been filed last year, Dome technology has stepped into the ground with a goal of not letting more reports to be filed. Such a trustworthy program that takes the privacy concern of its customers very seriously, deserves a must-try.

   Panda has launched four brilliant editions of their internet security program. Users may choose their ideal products for their devices according to their needs.  Each product is compatible with windows, android, and iOS.  Apart from PCs and Laptops, each product can be installed in mobiles, tabs and even smartwatches. The products are light and run in the background, silently do their job without heating up or slowing down the system.

Panda Dome Essential

Super useful and very important internet security program, Panda Dome Essential is featured with advanced functionalities to provide essential protection to your device against each kind of cyber infection including the attacks of viruses, trojan horses, ransomware and rootkits.  The product’s range starts at just INR 1,871.34/Year for 1 device.

Key benefits-

  • Antivirus protection comes with firewall programming to secure your windows/mac/android devices with real-time protection against malware attacks.
  • It generates Free VPN to let the user browse anonymously from a single virtual location. (150mb/day)
  • It doesn’t let prying neighbors or hackers use your wifi data.
  • Searches out malicious or infected files hidden in USB or any removal memory devices to keep your device safe and protected.

Panda Dome Advanced

     It is a one-step improved version of the previous product comes with additional features such as

  • Parental control- The concerned parents now can control their children’s access to the internet and apps.
  • Identity Protection- Immediately sends alerts if the user is browsing or shopping or making payments on dangerous websites. Also, protects the user’s identity from getting leaked.
  • Ransomware cyberattacks and threats protection-  It quickly prevents new online threats that may cause terrible harm to your privacy, device and your money as well.

The product’s range starts at just INR 2,430.12/year for 1 device.

Panda Dome Complete

   If you are looking for extra protection for your device, you can simply switch to Panda Dome Complete. This complete package not only includes the features of its previous product but also comes with these following functional duties which are more advanced and convenient-

  • It has Data Shield to encrypt your confidential data.
  • Includes Password Manager to secure and manage all your passwords with one click.
  • It comes with the new Cleanup Tool to boost up the speed and improve the performance of your device.

The complete range starts at just INR 3,743.34/Year for 1 device.

Panda Dome Premium

   This Premium package is a master product ever designed by Panda Dome. The range starts from just INR 6,239.34/Year for 1 device.

This all in one solution pack includes all of the previously mentioned features along with the followings –

  • Generates Premium Unlimited VPN for the users to browse anonymously from any virtual locations worldwide.
  • Promises to provide 24/7 premium customer care service with technical support.

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