Panda Total Security 2019

Panda Total Security 2019 is an all-inclusive antivirus software with all the advanced security features that one can think of. It is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The high-end antivirus software protects users from online threats across various platforms and devices ranging from PCs and laptops to smartphones and smartwatches. It helps the user manage all their devices from one place and provides real-time location of the device so that if it is stolen, the user can remotely lock the device and wipe off the important data. Panda antivirus protects its user’s data and devices at all times. It provides regular updates, new features, and issues security advice from time to time, without any extra charges. Even if a user feels that Panda Total Security 2019 does not suit their needs, they can always cancel their subscription, any time and without any hassle.

With more than 27 years of experience and superior expertise in the field of antivirus software, the company’s mission is still the same, i.e., to continue innovating new techniques and put an end to cyber-crime. Panda antivirus has a successful detection rate of 100 percent. It provides real-time protection from malicious malware, spyware, ransomware, and other viruses. It sweeps the user’s home network for any unauthorized device accessing the network and protects the users from hackers. It also gives the user full control of all the devices connected to the network. The Data Shield feature of Panda Total Security 2019 encrypts all the important and confidential data and keeps it secure in a virtual vault. The antivirus software secures the device from various ransomware attacks and protects its users from becoming a victim of identity theft.

With Panda antivirus software protecting their devices, the users need not worry about cybercriminals and hackers gaining access to their financial files and passwords. It ensures safe and smooth online shopping as well as banking experience. The efficient antivirus software also detects and blocks any malicious or unsafe website and also warns the user about the same. The Free VPN tool that comes with Panda Total Security 2019 lets the user browse the internet anonymously, thereby keeping the device safe from malicious malware and viruses. With this feature, the user can have a secure connection even on a public WiFi network, and also shield the IP address from being tracked by companies. The antivirus software also scans external devices such as USB drives for any potential threats. Panda antivirus users can secure all of their passwords and online accounts with a single click.

Apart from the online security features, Panda antivirus also enhances the system’s performance with the help of the Cleanup Tool. the software also comes with a set of advanced parental controls. It helps parents monitor their kids’ internet usage and block any inappropriate website. The antivirus software lets the users keep a track of the location of their family members at any given point in time. The users can also lock access to specific apps with a PIN. with all the above-mentioned features of the antivirus software, it will suffice to say that Panda Total Security 2019 is an extraordinary antivirus that surpasses all the other antivirus software in terms of all-round protection, and is trusted by more than 30 million people worldwide.

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