Panda Free Version

Not all free things are of poor quality, and not all the effective things are costly. Panda Free version antivirus is such a very effective product and surprisingly you don’t need to pay for this! Is not it wonderful? It is more than that. It offers you complete security against computer viruses and malware. The Panda free version has a 100% virus detection ratio for windows.

Alright, we have been talking about computer viruses and malware, but what are those? What is a trojan or spyware, adware, ransomware, etc.? A trojan horse is a virus that looks unsuspecting at first and then gets activated. Spyware spies on your computer, adware force push irrelevant and sometimes infected ads into the screen. Ransomware is the malware that steals confidential information and threatens to disclose the information until their demands are met. There are many other types of malware.

Panda Security has various products to defend you from these viruses. Other than the free version, there are paid versions as well. The paid products are called by Panda Dome brand name and there are four such versions – essential, advanced, complete and premium. The premium version is the one with the most comprehensive set features. However, the protection from viruses is of the same potency and effectiveness whether it is a free version or the premium version.

Panda Free version protects you from all these malware and more. Various advantages make it the best Free Antivirus available in the market. The Panda Free version is secure with a 100% virus detection ratio for windows with minimal device impact. It allows you to stay protected all the time. This free antivirus provides free up to the minute update. The software is really easy to use. You can just install it and forget about it. It will take care of protection, updation, and complicated settings. The best thing is it is lightweight. All the things are done from the cloud and therefore there is the least impact on the device.

Currently, the Panda Free antivirus is available for Windows and Android only. For the windows, it provides antivirus protection, USB protection, and multimedia or game mode. It also provides Panda Rescue Kit which is a free PC recovery system which runs an advance scan or creates a rescue USB drive. These are used to boot and clean those dangerously infected devices that won’t even start. For Android, Panda Free provides Antivirus protection, privacy auditor, and optimization and location service. The optimization feature is very useful as it optimizes battery life, memory management, and device performance. It keeps the devices running like new. Other than the antivirus protection with a firewall the Panda Free version provides Free VPN as well to browse anonymously from a single virtual location. However, it is limited to 150 MB per day only.

Other than the official free version, all the paid versions offer a free trial version of one month to use. It is true for the Panda Dome Premium version as well.

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