Panda Free Antivirus for PC

     Based on Collective Intelligence, Panda Free Antivirus is invested with unique advanced technology to protect your PC intuitively from the attacks of spyware and malware infections including viruses, trojan horses, rootkits and anything that aims to harm your PC terribly. Panda Free Antivirus for PC, valued with 100% detection quality by the Real-World Protection Test, would be the best choice for your PC since it is preferred by millions of original users as well as highly rated with sound reviews by the industry experts. The program does not require expert hands to use it. After the installation, the program immediately charges into action to provide real-time protection to your PC, runs seamlessly in the system’s background and does its job silently without getting your PC heated or slowed down.

Functional Features

  • This program is typically meant for providing real-time protection to your PC from each kind of malware infections and spyware attacks.
  • The program features periodic scan optimization and also lets the user manually scan the device if the occasion demands.
  • Panda Free Antivirus features a USB vaccine tool that aims to protect your device from powerful malicious files hidden in USB devices and proactively scans USB and other removal memory devices immediately after insertion.
  • Features Cloud Computing- a partially installed cloud structure that keeps your substance files on an unwavering server on the Internet. It also keeps your device protected even if you are disconnected from the network, simply because the program features a local cache that helps to carry on the program’s functionality.
  • Panda Free Antivirus gets automatically updated even if you’re negligent about the fact.
  • Sends alerts you and also protects your privacy and identity if you ever visit or shop or make online bank payments on a site not using a secure protocol in their URL address or seems to be dangerous.
  • It prevents hackers’ or prying neighbors’ access to your wifi network.
  • Parental Control allows parents to control their child’s internet activity.
  • It simply allows you to browse anonymously using a free VPN from a single virtual location.
  • It allows you to keeps your personal data, videos, files, and pictures secured with password protection. Fast program neither slows down the system nor heats up the device.

System Requirments

  Panda Free Antivirus is compatible with Windows Vista(64 bit), Windows 7/ 8 /10 (64 bit).

   The program is easy to use and occupies very little storage on your device. The program comes with 3 steps easy installation process

First, enter your details

Second, Download Panda’s Free Antivirus

Third, put the activation code in the product

And your device is fully protected with Panda.

   Antivirus software is very crucial in this age of widespread malicious code. Your PC could fall victim to malware within minutes if AV is not installed already. Panda Free Antivirus for PC is advertised as protecting guard of your PC from novel threats that some general free AV packages can’t deal with. Since it is a cloud-based model, Panda Free Antivirus significantly differs from other free programs that only offer baseline protection to your PC. It offers necessary defense against spyware, phishing and bank trojans to allow you to shop online, read favorite blogs and browse websites with safety. The program simply lets the user enjoy the internet facilities to the fullest with complete peace of mind as it takes up the responsibility to keep your privacy and device 100% protected.

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