Norton Internet Security Free Download Full Version

Norton is one of the leading antivirus software in the antivirus sector. It offers various free antivirus software as well as commercial products to keep the users safe from the various cyber threats such as malware, spyware, rootkits, and other viruses. Even in its paid subscriptions, Norton offers a 30-day free trial for the users to assess the impact of the antivirus and how it improves their system’s performance and efficiency. With Norton Internet Security free download full version, the users do not have to worry about their devices ever being vulnerable to any kind of cyber-attacks, as Norton comes up with regular and automatic updates for every user worldwide. It detects and removes malicious malware even before it does any damage to the user’s data. With its real-time analysis of threats, the antivirus software prevents hackers from gaining unauthorized access to confidential and important user data.

The free trial version of Norton Internet Security comes loaded with advanced security features and tools to keep hackers and ransomware at bay. With its Safe Web feature, the user can see fake websites on the search engine, before even opening the said website. Norton Internet Security free download full version also warns the user of any unsafe or harmful website while browsing the net. Its two-way firewall technology helps protects the device as well as data from hackers. Many a time the hackers create fake websites to dupe users into giving away their banking credentials and important passwords. This leads to identity theft. Norton Identity Protection feature protects the users from being a victim of phishing. It filters out suspicious phishing links and attachments in emails and analyzes the websites you visit to warn the user against any suspicious activity.

Its anti-spam tool blocks fraudulent emails so that the user does not accidentally open an infected link. Norton Internet Security free download full version also offers the users to store their internet usernames and passwords in an encrypted and secure vault. Whenever the user visits a website, relevant fields on a web page are automatically filled out. This ensures that no keyloggers can gain access to your credentials and passwords. One of the most useful features of Norton antivirus software is its Parental Controls Management. Often parents are worried about their minor kids spending too much time online. With this feature from Norton, parents can keep a tab on their kids’ online activities. It allows the parents to control which websites their kids can open. They can also monitor who their kids are chatting with online.

Norton Internet Security free download full version also offers Silent Mode for uninterrupted gaming and movie sessions. Along with multiple security features, Norton also helps your systems and devices to work better. Its Startup Manager helps decrease the time taken by PC during startup. The antivirus software’s Power Saver tool helps in increasing the battery life of the user’s laptops.

Norton antivirus software is not your regular antivirus that protects the devices from cybercriminals. It also increases the device’s efficiency and performance, something that no other antivirus company offers.

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