Norton Internet Security Free

Norton Internet Security was developed by Symantec Corporation. It is a program that provides malware removal and prevention when you have this program installed with a live subscription. Norton Internet security comes wit six layers of protection, eliminating almost every possible threat. Below are some features of Norton Internet Security.

  • Continuous updates: Norton provides regular products and features updates. They can be updated on their own or just on a click. The latest versions will be updated as an when released.
    • Norton being cloud-based, allows you to update, or install Norton Internet Security in few steps through the internet. It can be done for all of your devices, like MAC, smartphone, PC.
    • Since it has six patented layers, it removes threats that are hard to remove by another product.
    • When you enter any website, this program scans the site and checks if it is safe to enter your important details. This avoids several possibilities if identity theft.
    • Free after-sales service: Quality of after-sales service is one of the most important features we look at every product we buy. Norton offers free tech support through chat phone etc.
    • It also comes with a power saver feature. This program is designed to shut down all activities that are not necessary, thus improving the battery life of the system.
    • Norton Internet Security also has browser protection. This allows your browser to   protect your system against any threat by blocking them while browser loads.
    • There is huge number of websites specially designed for Phishing purpose. This program features anti-phishing characteristics as well. This program blocks any website that is phishing enabled and might steal away your money and identity.
    • An interactive user interface is what every computer user desire. Norton Internet Security offers a dashboard that is clean and easy to navigate. All the tools and features are clearly placed on the dashboard so you don’t have to spend time locating each button.
    • For one, it becomes really difficult to keep our children away from the information we don’t want our children to seek. To help us with this, Norton offers excellent parental controls. Just set the website category that you want your kids to avoid, like violence, pornography under the filter option, and it will block all such websites. You can even set a time limit you want your kids to use the internet. Also, you can keep a check on your kids’ cellphones and laptops since it can be used with several operating systems.
    • It can support both operating systems, windows as well as MAC.
    • It also features ‘Silent Mode’, It dismisses alerts and updates to avoid interrupting or slowing games and movies.
    • It really becomes difficult sometimes to remember or jot down every login id and password. Since there are so many these days with every website asking you to create an account. But with Norton, you don’t have to worry, it will save all your ids and passwords and will keep them safe from bad guys.
    • It also comes with an additional storage space, well who will mind some extra space to hold files and docs.

In a gist, Norton provides protection to your mobile and computer from malware, identity theft, phishing etc and without slowing down your system.

Norton Internet Security is one of the best internet security suites available in today’s era.

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