Norton Free Download

In this day and age where everything is shifting online, keeping oneself secure from emerging cyber threats is necessary. While there are several antivirus products in the market, not all users understand the importance of installing one on their devices. Few people understand the significance of a reliable antivirus software protecting their data and device. With Norton free download, users can keep their devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones protected from hackers, malware, spyware, and other viruses.

Norton antivirus is fully compatible with various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It offers a free antivirus software that helps keep user’s devices secure, and also commercial products that come with a free 30-day trial version. These free trials help the users in understanding which antivirus software they need to install that best suits their needs. There are products like Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium that protect user’s data and devices from viruses and malware. The Mobile Security software also comes with Norton free download trial period. It helps in securing smartphones and tablets with amazing advanced protection features. The Norton Family Premier pack allows parents to monitor their kids’ online behavior. It is an ideal pack for kids to explore the web safely.

With the free trial of Norton antivirus software, users get access to various advanced features of a commercial product for 30 days. Its smart two-way firewall keeps hackers at bay. It lets the user tweak and configure the system to allow only certain apps to access the Internet. It also allows the user to control the incoming and outgoing traffic from the system and block certain IP addresses. The Norton free download also comes with an anti-spam feature that sweeps the emails for any suspicious or infected links and attachments, based on the user’s inbox configuration settings.

With the increase in protective features by antivirus software, hackers are also coming up with new ways to steal user data. They create a fraudulent website that looks legitimate, and users provide their personal information on such fake websites, thereby becoming victims of identity theft and ransomware. Norton antivirus software protects users from such malicious websites and phishing attacks. With its Safe Web feature, the user can directly see from the search engine results if a website that he or she is about to visit is legitimate or fake. Norton free download trial version of Internet Security also comes with an encrypted online vault in which the user can store his or her internet usernames and passwords. These details are automatically entered when a user visits a website that requires such details, like an online shopping site or net banking website. Thus, this feature protects users from unknown key loggers that might be tracking their online behavior and patterns.

For those who have still not downloaded an antivirus software, download one now to keep your device and important data such as photographs, videos, etc. safe from being infected by malicious malware and viruses. Install Norton Free Download on your device and work or shop online without any worries about any kind of cyber-attacks.

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