Norton Internet Security

Among the various antivirus software companies that you may have heard of, Norton Internet Security is probably one of the oldest and the most reliable one. In this day and age where everything has shifted online, keeping yourselves and your devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones safe from the various online threats is very important. When choosing an antivirus to keep your data secure from the malicious malware, spyware, and other viruses, keep in mind that not all softwares offer such amazing security features as Norton does. One of the oldest antivirus software with tons of experience, Norton does not fail to impress with its each and every product and upgrade. With its free tech support, Norton Internet Security software provides help for its users through chat and phone, regarding any concerns and problems that the user might be facing.

Norton automatically updates all its installed software worldwide so that the users never have to worry about any security gaps in their devices. It is a highly effective antivirus software that eradicates all malicious malware, spyware, and other viruses before they can do any damage to the device or data. With its smart two-way firewall, Norton prevents hackers from gaining access to the user’s confidential data. It tweaks and configures the system so that only a few trustworthy apps can access the internet.

Another rising concern among the online community is ransomware. Hackers create fraudulent websites and hijack their files and folders. They then ask for ransom against the important data. Norton Internet Security keeps such ransomware at bay. The Norton Safe Web feature warns users if they are about to visit a fake or suspicious website. It also protects users from identity theft. Its phishing filter analyzes the email attachments, links, and websites for any potential dangers. The antivirus software also has an Identity Safe feature with which the user can store his or her usernames and passwords in a secure and encrypted vault provided by Norton. Many hackers install malicious keylogging programs on users’ devices without their knowledge. But with Norton Identity Safe, users do not have to worry about typing their credentials every time they log in to net banking or any other website.

Apart from these protective features, Norton Internet Security also offers parental control management that is an amazing feature for parents with minor kids. It allows the parents to track their child’s internet activities and online behavior and also gives them the control to block any website that they wish their children do not access. Parents can also monitor whom their kids are chatting with, when they are online, and what websites they are visiting. Norton Intelligence 2.0 scans a downloaded file for any suspicious threats before the user opens it.

While many might think that Norton antivirus is an expensive software, they must also look at the impressive results that the software has consistently been delivering over the years. No cost is high when it comes to protecting ourselves from cyber criminals and Norton Internet Security is the front-runner in providing complete security to its users.

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