Norton Antivirus For Desktop

Basic protection against viruses is not sufficient in today’s day and age. With the increase in online shopping portals and net banking transactions, hackers are also tweaking their ways every day to gain access to your personal information, passwords, and credentials. Therefore, not just viruses, but you need protection from malicious malware, ransomware, as well as hackers. Norton Antivirus for Desktop is designed to protect your PC with the help of multiple layers of defensive technology that detect and block cyber threats in real-time.

Norton antivirus software uses artificial intelligence to monitor the various applications installed on the desktops and their behavior. If an application displays a suspicious pattern or behavior, the antivirus immediately blocks it to save the system from any damage. Norton antivirus software’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) helps in analyzing and blocking potential cyber threats before they do any damage to the PC. Its Power Eraser technology helps in scanning the computer for any hidden malware and removing any high-risk apps. Norton Antivirus for Desktop provides world-class security against malware and viruses through various advanced features and tools. It protects Windows PCs from the “zero-day” attacks that look for vulnerabilities or security gaps in the operating systems, thereby preventing exploitation.

The feedback that Norton receives from millions of its users is analyzed and used by the company to identify dangerous files and applications, and immediately come up with a solution for any new malware. The antivirus software keeps the desktop up-to-date with automatic downloads and installations for the antivirus software. Thus, with Norton antivirus, the user does not have to worry about ever being vulnerable to any kind of cyber-attack. Norton Antivirus for Desktop also warns users if they are downloading an online file that has a low score in the antivirus community. Norton’s Safe Web feature warns the user of any unsafe websites before they even visit them. It also sweeps the various social media platforms for any suspicious content and links to identify the latest scams. The reliable antivirus software also detects and blocks suspicious emails that might contain fraudulent links and attachments.

With the help of its Parental Controls Management tool, parents can monitor their kids’ online behavior. This feature helps them block websites that they do not think are appropriate for their children to access. Parents can keep a check on their kids’ social media behavior, and see who are they chatting with when online. Apart from this, Norton Antivirus for Desktop also protects users from identity theft. Hackers install key logging software on PCs to steal important passwords and credentials of the user, while the user has no clue about the same. Norton antivirus software keeps such cybercr iminals at bay. Its two-way firewall protects the users from phishing attacks. It warns the user if the site they are about to visit is fake or fraudulent. With Norton Identity Safe, users can also store their internet usernames and passwords in a secure vault, so that relevant information is automatically filled out without having to type again. This also prevents key loggers from gaining access to the user’s confidential information and keeps them safe from all threats.

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