Norton Antivirus Download For Laptop

Modern man, along with food and shelter, requires the internet as well. However, all good things in life come with a catch and here for internet, the catch is a computer virus. Since the dawn of the internet, malware and computer virus are two arch-enemies of the users of the internet. Antivirus software is their protectors. There are a good number of antivirus software available in the market. Norton Antivirus is a very well known among them. There are various products of antivirus available under the umbrella name of Norton. All the products at the minimum level protect against basic malware, phishing attacks, spam, and malicious email attachments.

Before we go deep into the topic, let us first see what are the different malware we are talking about. There is a trojan horse that looks harmless to pass the firewall and then get activated. A logic bomb is a piece of code that will be executed and give rise to malicious activities once a certain condition is met. Spyware is the malware that collects confidential user information like card number, id password and sends them to a third party without the consent of the user. A backdoor is a secret path to bypass the authentic information of the system. Ransomware is the malware that steals confidential information and threatens to disclose the information until their demands are met.

As discussed, there are various types of antivirus products available under Norton name. Norton Antivirus Basic, Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium. It also has Norton mobile security, Norton Utilities, etc.  Norton Antivirus Basic is recommended for 1 PC. It helps defend against ransomware, viruses, spyware and other threats. There is advance security that protects you from financial losses when you go for shopping or banking. It also employs one of the largest global civilian intelligence networks to spot threats. Along with these features, the Norton Security Standard, recommended for 1 PC Mac or 1 mobile device, protect the home network with a smart firewall and it is supported by 24×7 customer service of Norton. The other two that is Norton Security Deluxe and Premium offer more add on features with the Premium addition having the most number of features. The monthly subscription fees are also different for all the products. Notably, there is no Freemium feature i.e. free use product under Norton. However, there is a free trial version of the deluxe product for 30 days.

You can download the Norton Security Deluxe trial version of 30 days from the official Norton website.  It allows you to protect PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices through a single subscription. The software, along with malware protection technology, cleans up the hard disk as well to free up space. After the 30 days, you may choose to discard the product or subscribe to any product, based on your needs. there is no obligation at all for the download. If you so choose, you can download Norton product in your laptop from any of the available third-party websites as well. However, even then it will be 30 days trial and then you need to choose.

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