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Norton Antivirus

Top antivirus – blocks spyware, adware, ransomware, etc.

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Download one of the best security service to protect your Mac against malware software that disrupts the efficient working of the system. Protect your Mac with one of the proven antivirus named Norton Antivirus that crushes down the growing threats of Mac malware. The Norton keeps your Mac protected and allows the smooth functioning of the device. 

The Norton Antivirus for Mac is smart enough to protect your Mac from kinds of malware software such as Trojan horse that tricks the user by pretending to be harmless. Computer Worms that spread from one computer to another due to lack of proper security networks. Spyware gathers the important information of the user and sends it to the other entity without the user’s consent. Ransomware threatens to publish the user’s personal information until the ransom is paid. Backdoor is the secret path of bypassing the authentic information of the system. Logic Bomb inserted in the computer system is a piece of code that set off malicious functions of the system when the program meets its condition.

The Norton Antivirus for Mac provides 3 types of security services which include Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium. The users can purchase the package according to their needs and download the antivirus from its official website. If you are already a Norton customer, renewal your subscription package to receive protection updates and to ensure the same level of protection.

The Norton Antivirus for Mac provides a advanced security to the users when they shop and bank online freely and securely. It keeps a check on the browser activities of the users and warns the users against malicious websites that disrupt the systematic working of the system and when needed redirect it to the user to the correct website if they type the wrong address to save them for the malware software. It crushes down the attack of malware program in the system before they provide any harm to the system.

The Norton Antivirus for Mac secures multiple devices such as PCs, Macs, Smart phones and Tablets with the single subscription and protects all your devices with an easy-to-use Web portal to protect users from the foiling hackers that steal the personal and sensitive information of the users. It automatically back up all the photos, financial files and other important documents of the users to protect your Mac and operates in the background so that the users can enjoy watching their movies or chatting with their friends. It provides to their users 25 GB of secure cloud storage to your Mac to add more options for their users as their needs changes. It cleans all the junk files thereby cleaning the storage disk of your Mac so that user can download the movies, music and applications of their own choice.

The Norton Antivirus blocks the unauthorized access of the webcam activities and establishes the secure connection on your Mac. It encrypts all the data sent and received on your Mac and hides the real location of the users. Download the antivirus to avail the benefits and to provide comprehensive cyber security to your Mac.

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