Total AV For Windows Vista

Windows Vista may be an outdated operating system, but preferred by plenty of users and hence it is still relevant. But unlike the latest versions of Windows’ operating system such as Windows 10, Vista is not immuned with Windows Defender- a Preinstalled Security program to defend against cyber and malware attacks. However, due to this drawback, Vista is vulnerable to today’s advanced cyber attacks. But thanks to Total AV for designing a fully compatible Antivirus program that also covers the protection for older versions like Vista. The parental name of Total AV for Windows Vista is Total AV Free Antivirus. This program is engineered with advanced security features to offer strong protection against all new or existing cyber threats.

 Total AV for Windows Vista works its job with lightning-fast speed so that when the program is running in the system’s background, it does not create any inconvenience like system slowdowns or heat-ups. Moreover, despite continual processing work, Total AV causes little power consumption. Total AV for Windows Vista boosts the system’s performance speed by eliminating junk files which cause system hang-ups. This elimination further benefits the system with freeing the storage and expanding the battery life.

  Total AV For Windows Vista AKA Total AV Free Antivirus works on laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and Pcs. Total AV Free Antivirus is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. Now let’s talk about the features offered by Total AV For Windows Vista

  • Real-time Malware protection- The advanced search engines run an intuitive scanning process through the entire system to detect and find out all internet pollutions such as malware, viruses, trojans, rootkits, and other malicious files from each corner of the device.
  • Powerful shield – The firewall shield does not let any malicious content to get access into the device while the user is going through websites or downloading anything online. It immediately identifies corrupted files and instantly blocks them before they cause any harm.
  • Money Protection – Total AV For Windows Vista removes advanced Spywares that collect confidential information and card details of the users and send them to cyber thieves who bear the intention to fetch the users into money scams. The program also prevents ransomware attacks from encrypting important files or the entire system and demanding an illegal gratification to restore them.
  • Internet Protection- Total AV For Windows Vista features Safe Site that scans the URL address of the websites and instantly blocks those sites which do not use HTTPS in their Web address. This is how Total AV Free Antivirus prevents phishing attacks by not letting the users visite malicious or fraudulent websites.
  • Safe Vault- Total AV for Windows Vista encrypts the confidential files and data into a multilayered passcode-protected vault to keep them safe from prying hands.

  Total AV for Windows Vista is very easy to handle and almost maintenance-free. Once the program is installed on the system, Total AV for Windows Vista starts acting as a silent protector of your device to prevent all possible threats that may occur. The program gets easily and promptly installed and charges into action without a delay to offer tension free internet experience to the users who love watching movies or videos, or playing games, or editing videos or images, or reading articles, or downloading various files, or shopping or making deals online.

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