Total AV Software

  Total AV is a newly launched antivirus company that offers a wide range of security products to help the world to stand against the ghastly cyber attacks occurring on a large scale lately. Total AV software includes both paid and Free products. While talking about the free product, Total AV Free Antivirus and Internet Security offers essentials security features to give baseline protection the computing devices. The free Total AV software is a multiplatform program and is compatible with relevant Operating systems such as Windows, Android, and macOS.

  Total AV software is super easy to use and it gets installed in seconds. It automatically receives the latest updates and each new update brings a more refined version of the product. The developers of Total AV software are continually trying to go beyond to enhance the program with more security features and to offer them for absolutely free of cost. The latest 2019 version of Total AV software offers wonderful features such as-

  1. Smart Scanning engines- The program stays up for the entire system’s running time and offers real-time protection by initiating a thorough scan through the entire system to find out if any threat files are there. The smart scanner also includes external devices such as USB or Memory Card or anything removal memoryholder to prevent malicious files from entering into the main system.
  2. Malware Protection- The program is designed for two types of malware protection, one is through the internal scanning and eliminating malware files from the system and the other is a protective web shield to prevent malware files from infecting the main device.
  3. Spyware and other virus protection- Spyware is an advanced malware that collects confidential details such as user’s identity, card details, and other crucial information and transports them to the hackers. Another terrible malware is keyloggers, such elements save the entered details while the user makes entries through the keyboard. Keyloggers mainly collect card details and send them to the money scammers. Total AV software stands against such evil operation by discovering and erasing such malicious files from the main system.
  4. Safe Vault- Total AV Software includes safe vault- it keeps the confidential files and other important things in a password-secured vault to prevent prying activities of the intruders.
  1. Internet Protection- Total AV Software features Safe Site that scans the URL address of the websites and instantly blocks those sites which do not use HTTPS in their Web address. This is how Total AV Software prevents phishing attacks by not letting users visite malicious or fraudulent websites.
  2. Powerful shield – The firewall shield does not let any malicious content to get access into the device while the user is going through websites or downloading anything online. It immediately identifies corrupted files and instantly blocks them before they cause any harm.

  Total AV software runs a thorough operation in the background and in spite of it, it does not cause any inconveniences such as system slowdowns or heat-ups. Besides, Total AV software is a light software and leaves minimal impact on the power resource. The program enhances the system’s performance and expands the battery life and frees the memory from the unnecessary occupancy of junk files and duplicate files.

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