Total AV Free Antivirus For Mac

With cybercriminals advancing on to various iOS devices and developing dangerous malware aimed at disrupting Mac devices, many users are finding themselves lost and confused. There are very few antivirus software that are specially designed to keep iOS devices secure from such threats. One of the most reliable software is Total AV free antivirus for Mac. It offers complete protection to Mac devices from all types of spyware, ransomware, adware, viruses, and malware. It continuously scans the device for any potential threats and issues warning to the user when any untrusted file is discovered. The antivirus software for Mac is light on the system and does not bog it down. The user can work on the device while the antivirus quietly runs in the background, checking for any potential threats.

The user interface of the software is refreshing and intuitive and has all the main security tools and features displayed on the dashboard. Navigating through the Total AV free antivirus for Mac is quite easy and does not require any expertise. The antivirus software is cross-compatible with various Apple devices such as iMac, Macbook, iPad, or iPhone. Users can also easily download the antivirus application from the Apple app store. The amazing iOS compatible app protects the phone from unforeseen cyber threats. The antivirus software comes with various scanning options for Mac. The Full System Scan sweeps the entire device for any hidden threats. It quarantines the detected threats and removes them from the system. It also lets the user schedule regular scans based on frequencies like day and time, thereby ensuring that Total AV free antivirus for Mac keeps the system protected from various malware, adware, spyware, Trojans, and other viruses at all times.

The antivirus software comes equipped with powerful optimization tools that help in enhancing the performance of the Mac device over time. Over long period of time, Mac devices can become overloaded with large cache data and stored cookies. This affects the start-up and the speed of the device along with its performance. The antivirus software comes with an effective Disk Cleaner that sweeps the entire system for apps and programs affecting Mac’s performance. The System Boost tools that come with the antivirus for Mac shuts down unnecessary apps open in the background that take up lots of temporary space in the system, therefore causing it to slow down. Total AV free antivirus for Mac helps in resolving such performance-based issues in real-time along with several security features.

With the VPN feature, Mac users can browse the web anonymously and perform net banking operations securely, without having to worry about prying eyes. The internet protection features prevent cyber-attacks in real-time and keep the user data safe. With the two-way firewall that comes with Total AV, no cybercriminal can access the private data of the user without authorization. Total AV is an award-winning antivirus security suite that is trusted by over 10 million users all over the world to keep their devices and data safe. The new Total AV free antivirus for Mac is a prime choice of software to keep Mac devices safe.

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