Total AV Pro

Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 is one of the best antivirus programs so far. The program covers essential internet security features alongside virus protection. Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 comes with a free trial for straight 30days and once the free period is over, users can renew the subscription by paying $39.95 to enjoy the protection (license for up to 5 devices at a time). The program is rated with 100% malware detection and compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android. The program can be run on multiplatform such as laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 is designed with blazing fast formula and the scan engine it features, runs an acute diagnosis through the entire system to discover malicious contents like malware, spyware, trojans, rootkits, and other junk files. It eliminates such files and enhances the speed of the system’s performance, frees the memory from the unnecessary occupancy and reduces battery drainage. Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 runs the constant operation in the system’s background to offer realtime protection leaving minimal impact on the power resource. The program also avoids inconveniences like system slow-downs and heat-ups.

Apart from system cleaning and enhancing the performance, Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 covers essential internet protection. The program comes with a browser extension compatible with the default browser and chrome to avoid cyber threats. The Web security features include-

  • Powerful shield – does not let any malicious content to get access into the device while the user is going through websites or downloading anything online. It immediately identifies corrupted files and instantly blocks them before they cause any harm.
  • Money Protection – Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 removes advanced Spywares that collect confidential information and card details of the users and send them to cyber thieves who bear the intention to fetch the users into money scams. The program also prevents ransomware attacks from encrypting important files or the entire system and demanding an illegal gratification to restore them.
  • Internet Protection- Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 features Safe Site that scans the URL address of the websites and instantly blocks those sites which do not use HTTPS in their Web address. This is how Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 prevents phishing attacks by not letting the users visite malicious or fraudulent websites.
  • Total AV Pro Antivirus 2019 is powered by a Two-way Firewall program to prevent unauthorized access of the intruders into the devices of legit users.

Additional features are-

  1. Safe Vault- encrypts the confidential files and data into a multilayered passcode-protected vault to keep them safe from prying hands.
  2. Remote Firewall.
  3. AV eBook.
  4. System performance-enhancing tools.
  5. Disk Cleaner.
  6. Web browser manager and Web history cleaner.

Total AV Pro offers promising features at an unbeatable price and also assures 30days money-back guarantee. Users can definitely rely on this a trustworthy AV program as it promises to keep the devices out of danger and also the privacy 100% safe and secured from the prying hands.

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