Total AV Free Virus Protection

Virus, no matter to which it is related, biology or technology, always bears the evil intentions and hence, is the most annoying word in both spheres. Every computing device should deserve a worthy virus protection program to ignore dangerous virus threats that are spreading on a large scale over the internet. Total AV Free Virus Protection program works as a vaccine for your device to prevent future occurrences of virus threats especially when you surf through the internet. While most of the free antivirus programs offer only baseline protection that hardly meets users’ expectations, Total AV Free Virus Protection despite being free of cost, provides additional protection features along with antivirus.

  Indeed, there are lots of free Antivirus protection programs available on the market, but most of them neither covers all features at once nor compatible with every operating system or device type. Total AV Free Virus Protection avoids such issues as it is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The program can be run on any device such as laptops, tabs, PCs or smartphones. Total AV Free Virus Protection is easy to access and almost maintenance-free.  Total AV Free Virus Protection boosts up the performance speed of the system as well as frees memories by wiping out unnecessary occupancy of junk files. Total AV Free Virus Protection is light and leaves minimal impact on the power resource, although the program runs continual defensive operation through the system.

  Total AV Free Virus Protection is powered by beam-fast technology and advanced search engine that runs an ongoing scanning operation through the entires system to detect and eliminate evil files (such as viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, keyloggers and anything malicious by nature) that cause inconveniences like system slowdowns, heat-ups and over power-consumption. The firewall shield offers Real-time defense by not letting any malicious content get access to the device while the user is going through websites or downloading anything online. It immediately identifies corrupted files and instantly blocks them before they cause any harm.

  Total AV Free Virus Protection removes advanced Spywares that collect confidential information and card details of the users and send them to cyber thieves who bear the intention to fetch the users into money scams. The program also prevents ransomware attacks from encrypting important files or the entire system and demanding an illegal gratification to restore them. For extra browsing safety, Total AV Free Virus Protection comes with Safe Site that scans the URL address of the websites and instantly blocks those sites which do not use HTTPS in their Web address. This is how Total AV Free Virus Protection prevents phishing attacks by not letting the users visite malicious or fraudulent websites. Total AV Free Virus Protection encrypts the confidential files and data into a multilayered passcode-protected vault to keep them safe from prying hands.

  Once Total AV Free Virus Protection is installed on the device, you can easily wipe off the worry of cyber attacks as the program will start acting as a protective guardian for your device to defend against all threats with no chance of compromise.

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