Total AV Upgrade

Customers using the free Total AV antivirus software get the basic security tools and features that help protect their systems from threats. But with the increase in cybercriminals activities, a Total AV Upgrade is becoming more and more essential. Although the free version of the antivirus software comes with all-round security features, users who regularly use the internet are at greater risk of a cyber-attack if they are using just the free software. The antivirus company is offering huge discounts on first-time upgrades to commercial products. While many users might feel that they do not need an upgraded antivirus software, the truth is that every day new malicious software emerge in the digital world, threatening to throw the virtual world into a disarray. No free antivirus software can ensure complete and 100 percent protection from such sneaky malware.

With a Total AV Upgrade, users can get access to various advanced security tools and features that protect the user device and data from all sorts of cyber threats in real-time. Total AV is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. The three main commercial antivirus products offered by Total AV are:

Essential Antivirus

It covers a maximum of 3 devices and comes at a regular price of $99.95. But for a first-time user upgrading to the Essential Antivirus pack, Total AV offers the subscription at a discounted price of $19.95 for the initial term. This is a reason good enough to at least try the Total AV Upgrade as the company also has a guaranteed money-back policy if the user does not find the product much useful.

Antivirus Pro

Users using the free Total AV antivirus or even the entry-level Essential pack can upgrade to the next tier of the antivirus suite. The company is offering major discount for the initial year for new users. Instead of the regular price of $119.95 per year, new users have to pay just $39.95 for the first year of subscription. The antivirus pack offers up to 5 device licenses. The nominal pricing structure, advanced security features, and comfortable upgrade option makes Antivirus Pro a popular choice of antivirus among millions of users.

Ultimate Antivirus

A Total AV Upgrade can be made when one wants extensive protection from e-threats. Users who are constantly online due to work or any other reason will find themselves more prone to cyber-attacks than regular users. But with the complete security tools and features that Total AV offers in its Ultimate Antivirus program, users can seamlessly work online without having to worry about malicious software sneaking into the system and disrupting their work. This pack too is being offered at a discounted price of $59.95 for the first year of subscription. Its regular price is a decent $149.95 per year that covers a maximum of 6 devices.

Users can browse the web securely, run enhanced scans on their devices to keep them virus-free, free up system space with the useful disk cleaner, and optimize performance. The safe vault, Web Shield extension, and priority customer support are some of the many advantages that the user will get access to with a Total AV Upgrade.

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