Kaspersky Antivirus For Laptop Windows 10

Are you a proud owner of a laptop installed with the newly updated Windows 10? If so, then you must also be aware of the importance of regular updates to keep your laptop at front-of-the-line with top-notch upgrades. While Microsoft has come up with Windows 10 update, its Windows Defender antivirus software does not offer much. Kaspersky antivirus for laptop Windows 10 is the best security solution for your Windows laptop. They have delivered consistent security results over the years. When looking for a reliable antivirus to protect your laptop and data, one should definitely try out Kaspersky antivirus software.

The company has also come up with a free antivirus software for Windows 10 users. It provides basic security from malware, spyware, and other online threats. It uses the same secured search engine as that present in the other commercial Kaspersky products. Its user interface is also similar to that of a paid Kaspersky antivirus software. Since it is not loaded with advanced security tools and features, the free Kaspersky antivirus for laptop Windows 10 is lighter than its commercial version, and also does not bug its users with annoying advertisements and push notifications for paid upgrades.

While the free antivirus software protects users’ Windows laptop from all the cyber-attacks, its commercial version too is not heavy on the pocket and comes up with numerous advanced security features. Those of you who are looking for something more than just the basic protection features for your laptop Windows 10, Kaspersky Internet Security or Total Security pack are the ones to go for.

The commercial Kaspersky antivirus software offers core security measures such as anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit. Along with these, Kaspersky antivirus for laptop Windows 10 also features a two-way firewall that offers complete privacy and protection. It stops hackers from hacking the user’s webcam and gaining access to data on your laptop. It also prevents malware from leaking your confidential data such as passwords and banking details. Its secure keyboard feature also helps in keeping the user’s data safe from various online threats such as malicious malware and ransomware. When the user opens a website that requires net banking information, Kaspersky antivirus software automatically protects your data from hackers and keyloggers. It also offers a virtual keyboard for safely entering confidential credentials on such payment websites, thereby providing an extra layer of protection.

Kaspersky antivirus for laptop Windows 10

also cleans the Windows laptop and removes junk files, boosting the device’s performance. With its auto-update feature, your laptop apps are always installed with the latest market-updates. The antivirus software monitors laptop apps for any suspicious behavior or patterns. It also keeps a check on your home WiFi network and keeps the user informed about any new device that is connected to the security network.

New Kaspersky users can download the 30-day free trial version of the trustworthy software that offers all the above-mentioned security features. With the trial version, the users can understand the effectiveness of the antivirus and just how important it is for the protection of their Windows 10 laptops.

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