One-stop Solution: Kaspersky Internet Security Free version

An Antivirus is a must for your devices in this time and age, but a mere antivirus isn’t going to combat all the modern spyware, ransomware and malware that is constantly trying to invade your system. What you need is a security suite that offers multiple levels of protection, and Kaspersky Internet Security offers you just what you need. It has a vast array of functions including firewalls, superior antivirus, spam filtering, Parental Control and more and they do the job that they claim to do.

Like most of Kaspersky’s other products, Kaspersky Internet Security too comes in a paid and free version. On your first download, you are granted a 30-day free trial program that will include all the premium features. Tools like file shredder, rescue disk, and the scan don’t need the premium license and will clean and optimize your system regardless.

The installation process is easy to understand and comes with adequate information and instruction.

The System Watcher function enables real-time identification and elimination of threats on the basis of existing database which is useful for existing known malware, but for newer unidentified threats, Kaspersky Internet Security will make use of Behavioral Detection component which will monitor the working of your files to determine if an uncataloged bug has infected it or not.

For ransomware, if your files are encrypted by hackers the Kaspersky lock breaker keystroke would undo the encryption with one click.

Against malware protection, Kaspersky Internet Security either block access to the website or link or fully delete the download.

Kaspersky Internet Security has strong anti-phishing tools that work even when you are on the internet. It will detect 100% of all the phishing scams.

Kaspersky Internet Security comes with a dedicated VPN tool, powered by AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite, it lets you use 200 MB bandwidth per day on every device. The virtual keyboard ensures safety from keyloggers trying to steal your sensitive information like passwords, pins and user ids. On the web, the Mark Up system flags malicious links and sites and redirect you to safer pages.

Hackers often make use of security holes in an already installed program to gain access to your device. If the patches programs aren’t installed by you the chance of getting broken into increases. The vulnerability scan keeps a lookout for software with security holes and fixes those automatically.

The safe money function protects your financial information when you enter banking or online shopping. Once you switch on the feature, it is activated on every website where monetary transactions happen. The green border around the page will protect you from screen spyware as well.

Earlier Firewalls used to ask users to decide if a site is malicious and needs to be blocked or not, but in the case of Kaspersky Internet Security, the application manager can decide on its own if the page is malicious and blocks such sites and files. It uses data from Kaspersky’s existing malware database. It’s common for application installers to sneak in add ons like Adware and extensions in their bundles. The Reason Core Security blocks and unticks such add on options and intentions that are installed without you knowing.

Kaspersky Internet Security has scored high on every antivirus tests. It provides everything that you would expect and demand to be offered in a suite, also many extra features, and its functions are overall extremely effective. 

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