Kaspersky Free Edition: Accurate, Reliable and Free

Kaspersky Free Edition is a straight forward, no-frills and fully free antivirus from the best cybersecurity provider- Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky sky is available in 2 versions the Kaspersky Free Edition and the Kaspersky premium edition antivirus. On installation, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial program, which would include unhindered access to all premium features for 30 days. You don’t have to disclose your security or credit card details for using the free version. After the trial period, Kaspersky Free Edition is available for use free of cost. Since it’s a free version, the features are of course watered down, yet they are as good as the paid ones.

Kaspersky Free Edition will contain core essential features like anti-virus and web filtering. These are basic protection features that every device requires these days. Kaspersky would never bombard you with notifications urging you to upgrade or restrict basic features till you upgrade. The installation process is user-friendly and the user interface is easily navigable even for a person who is not from a tech background. The 2 features available in the Kaspersky Free Edition are

  • Scan
  • Database update

Other features like Privacy Protection, Parental Control, Protection for all Devices, Safe Money are all blocked out for premium users.

There are multiple types of the scan to choose from and all are accessible in the Kaspersky Free Edition.

  1. Full Scan  can be scheduled for the time your device is left free
  2. Quick Scan will scan your entire system within minutes.
  3. The selective scan will allow you to decide what file or application you want to be scanned.
  4. External Drive Scan allows you to scan removable devices like a USB stick, memory cards for viruses in them or their files.

The Global Settings would let you define where and how each scan will pan out. Kaspersky Free Edition will also allow the user to adjust performance to increase the speed or conserve the battery life. You can exclude files to minimize the chance of false alarms. Password protecting your account will ensure that your settings are not tampered with and can be exported to be used on other devices. Right-clicking on an infected file will also reveal what kind of malware has latched onto it and if it’s dangerous or is harmless. Kaspersky Free Edition also has the Web filtering system to block entry to infected sites and links. The anti-phishing tool and anti-malware tool runs a real-time check whenever you working on any browser.

The on-screen keyboard lets you enter sensitive information like your usernames, passwords, pins without these being misused by malware. Kaspersky Antivirus has given consistent top-notch results when tested in labs, and these have transcended into real life as well. This makes it a preferred choice of people from all walks of life. Though it is recommended to use the premium version for better security, only you know what is best for you. Kaspersky Free Edition is very basic yet complete security software for your device and it does the job of keeping you cyber safe.

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