How to spy on a cell phone

In the market of today, there are a couple of types of cell phones, iPhone and Android. The latter occupies a major portion of the share in the market followed by the former that comes a close second. Hereby is a quick guide that would provide you with vital clues on how to spy on both the type of phones.

To spy on mobile phone with the help of cell spying software

For Android- Auto forward Spy

It is fairly easy to monitor cell phones. The security system of cell phones have loopholes that pave way for cell phone monitoring software even without the user being aware of it. Once you go on to establish a remote connection with an Android device on to your control panel it is uploaded. From this user control panel, it is possible to witness anything that takes place on your mobile phone. The target device can be monitored anywhere for a long duration until you pose an internet connection.

To install it is an even easy process. Once you purchase the program you would receive an email from the company revealing the user name, password and other details. The license and the password is the key. Through an OTA you can download the app and once the download is complete you have to zero in your license key, phone number of the target device and follow a few steps about activation.

After installation, you can monitor the targeted device from your phone. An important point of consideration when you are using this software is that it is not rocket science. It is going to be fairly easy once you take the time and listen to the instructions. Even a technologically weak person can install this software with minimum fuss.

For iPhone- Auto forward Spy

Not only Androids IPhones are pretty easy to spy on. There is no need for physical possession of the phone to monitor their activities. With the aid of Auto forward spy, remote installation and monitoring are possible. Just you need to have access or possession of the iPhone to access the device. Even from an old device, it is possible to extract information as well. It depends on what is available on the phone.

Just you need possession of the Apple id along with the password of the device you are planning to monitor. Then the program would extract information from the device. The thing that sets apart this spy software from other types is it goes on to support all versions of IOS. The program exceeds others in terms of competition, speed and reliability. If you have any sort of problem the technicians are a mere call away.

Jailbreak version

Auto forward ensures it is a unique jailbreak app for spying. At a personal level, I do not mind to use the jailbreak version. But if you happen to be a person who is not going to have access to the iPhone they are going to monitor, then no way exists by which you can operate this program. For this reason, it is strongly voiced that you do not end up wasting money unless you are going to gain access to the jailbreak version of the target phone, jailbreak and end up purchasing a new phone.

The entire process of jail breaking would be taking around 10 minutes to complete. Though the installation  of the program would hardly be taking a couple of minutes. The procedure of jail breaking seems to be the most difficult part. On a personal level, I have gone on to spend nearly 15 minutes on jail breaking an Apple phone. For sure it is a test of your patience.

The best part is that the jail breaking version is capable of retrieving a lot of information as compared to the no-jailbreak version.  It does not have to follow the same channels of communication that the no-jailbreak version is going to do.

Situations where you might need a cell phone spy software

Before proceeding you need to have an idea on the main reason why you need a cell phone spying software. Are you planning to monitor your loved one? Is it that you are going to keep a tab on your child’s activities? At an organizational level are you going to supervise your employees? A combination of all these factors is going to determine the software you have to choose.

To be spying on a loved one

Considering the situation, you would want to see what your loved one is up to and with whom they are communicating on the cell phone. Being aware of how to spy remotely helps you in such cases. For people who are keen to remain discreet text messages serve to be the best form of communication. Still, you would be wanting to catch hold of a program that is known for its superior ability.

The deleted messages remain on the phone till the point they are overwritten by any other data. This would be taking sometimes months to happen. Till that point of time, the text messages can be retrieved from the phone.

Taking stock of the activities of your child

If you have a teenager at your home you are aware of how difficult things can be. They possess a knack of doing things differently and for this reason, they get into trouble. The possibility exists that they could end up mingling with the wrong crowd.

As a responsible parent with the aid of mobile software, you can keep a track on the activities of your child. For a parent, the GPS tracking system could be very useful.

Last but not least a lot of organizations have gone on to adopt cell spy software to supervise activities of their employees. Data theft is a constant problem in most companies and if you suspect an employee of misconduct then this spy software could be of importance. So employees are always on the vigil.