The One Spy Review: Spying the Target Phone behind the mask


TheOne Spy is one of the highly appreciated phone-monitoring apps in the market. It offers multiple subscription plans starting from one month till one year.  It’s an Unobtrusive Spy app for conducting Digital parenting and also for Employee Monitoring. This phone monitoring app proved to be a highly efficient tool, for people who wish to keep their children, spouses and also friends safe. Besides this, it’s a highly efficient tool for corporate data security insurance.

One Spy

 Key Features of TheOne Spy App:

TheOneSpy is a multi-featured Phone monitoring Android App. Check out the features of this amazing app.

1.Camera Streaming, Real Live Listening, and Screen Sharing

You can keep a check on your kids, employees or any target phone 24×7 with this app. User can activate the cell phone microphone remotely to listen to the conversation online on the target cell phone. With this feature, it will be easy for you/user to track/monitor the real-time environment of the target phone user.

2.Mobile Phone Bugging

In its Xtreme Package it offers phone bugging software which will help to bug targets phone, recording of the voices using secret microphone besides capturing of cam photos both back and front remotely.

3.Recording of Surrounding Voice & Record Phone Calls

TOS call recorder will give scope to the user in recording the targets voice calls. These calls can again be heard via TOS dashboard.

4.Check on the Text message

Helps in keeping a check on inspecting on targets text messages, iMessages and pin messages

5.Call log scanning:

Provides details of call history details like the location at the time of call even in case there is a missed lived call

6.GPS tracker:

You can locate the exact location of the Target phone and it’s very useful for corporate sending employees for official visits. Keeping a track on their location movement will help in ensuring that professional call remains professional and not entertainment visit.

7.Tracking of contact list:

TheOneSpy’s being a high-quality contact app will enable in browsing the target phone’s list of contacts to keep aware of the people they interact with.

8.Tracking reminders and appointment list:

The app will allow checking their planning by breaking entering targets phone’s calendar, reminders and appointment sections.

9.Multiple Device monitoring:

The app enables you to switch your monitoring from one cell phone real fast.

10.Tracking Photo Gallery:

On can monitor targets phone pictures and check them out be it is a pic taken by targets phone, downloaded, or even received via any MMS or email.  Scrolling of the targets photo gallery will give access to all captured and stored pictures in the cell phone.

11.Monitoring Social media apps:

With this tracking app, user can check out chat messages including stickers and emoticons, call logs of Instant Messengers with detail of date and time. One can spy messenger and hear messenger video calls, besides various other activities.

TheOne Spy is compatible with Android and Windows besides MAC, PC, Laptops, and Tablets

Offered Packages by TheOne Spy :

Android Monitoring App:

  • Plan 1: LiteStart at $0.6 Per Day
  • Plan 2: xLite Start at $0.9 Per Day
  • Plan 3: Premier Start at $1.6 Per Day

  MAC Monitoring App:

  • Plan 1: 1 Month Start at $0.83 Per Day
  • Plan 2: 3 Months Start at $0.55 Per Day
  • Plan 3: 12 Months Start at $0.41 Per Day

Windows Monitoring App:

  • Plan 1: 1 Month Start at $0.66/Day
  • Plan 2: 3 Months Start at $10.00/Month
  • Plan 3: 12 Months Start at $4.16/Month

The installation process of TheOne spy App:

Well, the installation of this app is not that difficult and can be done in a few simple steps. First, land on the TheOneSpy official website and then subscribe for the chosen product with preferred tenure.  Once you are done with that you need to check the mail.  There will be a mail from TheOneSpy team providing you with passcode and ID. Now you are ready to have physical access on the target device.  You may now start with the process of installation. After completing the process you need to activate it right on the cell phone of the target. Apply the passcode and ID.  You are now all set to get access to the online control panel. Go through the features to spy on the targeted device.

 Supported Cell Phones:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iPhone

 Pros of TheOne spy App              

  • This app is known for offering multiple device installations.
  • It comes with a demo version to educate potential customers and allow them to try and understand the features of the app before buying the product.
  • It offers major traditional features of mobile tracking
  • Completely undetectable by the Target user in case of OneSpy Ultra package

Cons of TheOne spy App

  • TheOneSpy is restricted to serve only the rooted/jail broken mobile devices
  • Incapable of blocking any content or certain activities in the target phone
  • Monitoring of Blackberry chat messengers is not possible
  • Subscriptions, both monthly and annual get deducted automatically. If you wish to cancel the subscription then it will be a real headache for you than what is expected by you
  • Refund is offered if canceled within 3 days of making the purchase. If the user fails to complete the installation process at this time, the user will be in a mess and will not get money back even if he/she wishes to.
  • Lack of sufficient number of features

TheOne spy: Support Service

If you visit the site you will get customer support section to raise the ticket for your queries in case there is something wrong with the software. This company is having a wide presence in the social networking sites which makes it easy for the customers to interact with experts in case of need. You can reach them visiting their physical address, shooting an email and also over the phone in case you need.

Final Verdict:

TheOne Spy is offering multiple ranges of plans for different for users with multiple tastes and budgets. It comes with major traditional features but still lacks to have many. It is easy to install for jail broken devices. This app proved its efficiency as a  phone monitoring tools in the industry which is visible from the feedback of the users. You get important data right from the target phone without much effort and all thanks to this amazing spy app.  However, you need to stay aware of the hidden fees as well as about automatic subscription extension.

To conclude we can say that TheOne Spy manages to establish itself in the market as a dependable and functional good budget solution for mobile tracking especially for those customers who do not need excess sophistication and do not need any top-notch surveillance device. It can serve the user at a stealth mode with easy installation. It is a budget-friendly, useful and excellent choice for parents having teenage kids, employers and also for those who want to keep a check on their relations for personal reasons.