Free Cell Phone Spy Software

There are the best-hidden apps in the market to monitor your kids and family member. Be safe to always use these apps wisely. There are some effective free apps out there in the market to monitor and control child activity on his or her smartphones and in case of emergency finds them quickly.

The choice of a free phone spyware poses to be a challenge when there are different options in the market. Let us explore them as follows.

1. My Free Android Spy:

Normally you install this app on the target device and that too in an invisible mode. Suppose you are worried about the safety of your family members or kids you use this app to track the activities of your child. Being GPS enabled you are able to track the location of the device in correct time. Organizations also go on to use this app to understand whether their employees are performing efficiency

2. Free phonespy:

With the help of its web-based control panel the user can easily access the files and other text messages, track their location. The app also allows recording a phone call as well. It also lets you monitor social media apps and the ability to block harmful apps.

3. Spy Camera OS:

It is an open-source android app. It allows the user to capture the image secretly.  This does pave way for a user to capture images when they go on to tap on the volume button. This means no shutter sound occurs and within a certain period of time you can go on to capture images. The only point of consideration is that the screen needs to be black in color so that no one is aware you are capturing images.

4. Ear Spy: Super Hearing-

basically this is an app that goes on to keep an eye on your activities. A microphone along with an amplifier is provided that is incorporated through your head -set. In case if you are looking for ultimate privacy then you can opt for the blue tooth device. The presence of a graphic equalizer in various ranges.

5. Automatic Call recorder:

This is not truly a proper spy app. If you just want to know what your kids are up to then this might be a very good tool.  You can go on to record calls as per your choice and if save if you feel to do so. Even the calls you want to save and which are to be ignored can be saved. Though you need to take into consideration that call recording is not going to work with all handsets and could result in inferior quality.

6. IP Cam Viewer Lite: 

This app possesses a lot of features and hence it’s soaring popularity. With the latest developments it is possible to figure out audio alerts when you tend to run the app at the background. The moment motion is detected it starts to record in an automatic manner.

7. Fone Monitor :

You can monitor the target’s messages. It not only shows messages but also attached media files. It is fully compatible with Android and IOS devices. At the background the app is known to conduct its operation and you tend to code with a unique algorithm. Wherever you go this device can be taken and ensures that your kids are protected. From an organizational point of view they also have put it into use. You are in a position to monitor the activities of the employees and this poses no longer a problem. Even it is possible to track down the GPS location of the target device that you are planning to search.

8 Hover watch-

One of the notable features, of this app is that you hide it from the user, though your kids could be familiar with the modus operandi of the device. As a parent you gain complete control over the device. In terms of SMS or calls you go on to record each and every call that comes on the mobile phone. There is a SMS tracker in place that automatically records the data for you. All you need to do is sign up with your email details. From this online tracker you need to install the app.

9. Thetruthspy:

 Thetruthspy is a parental control tool with great features that are effective and simple to use. It supports traceability, 10. Mobile –Spy: It is also a free app for android and it is an undetectable tool.  The recent call logs of the device that you targeting is obtained without them being aware. Even with the mobile spy tracking tool real time alerts are possible.  The best part is that it is compatible on an Android system.

11. Spy phone app :

You just have to enter information about the target device to start spying experience.  Even the silent version of this app is available that allows you to capture clicks without anyone knowing. In order to hide the activity of the user a hidden screen is presented.

12. Spy Advice:

A popular phone spy app for IPhone and Android platform. Spy advice works in complete stealth mode and runs in the target device’s background. It is well-matched with all kinds of OS in the form of Android and Iphone. Another great benefit of this application is a remote control that is not found in most of the spy applications. The remote control allows you to access the device from the far location which means you don’t have to be in touch of the device to get the information. It monitors your employers and children in real-time. Easy to install and use. With over 25+ features, Spy Advice delivers information, including monitoring relating to messages,.

There are lots of options when you want to install spy software with different features and facilities and compatibility, choose according to your purpose. This would be of considerable benefit in the long run but you need to be aware of the reasons of spying.