Best phone spy apps for iPhone

A gloom look on your face on what your kids are up to on the internet? On your smartphones, you can go on to install a spycam. With the help of this app you can monitor and read the text messages, figure out their location and even monitor the social media activities. Since the recorded data is stored online you can access it from any remote corner of the world.

Best phone spyapps for iPhone

Though there are a lot of spyapps for iPhone, in reality, a few of them are only worth your time A rigorous process of testing is undertaken and some of the prominent apps have been chosen. Let us explore the list of popular spyapps for iPhone. The best part about these apps is that they are completely undetectable and once you go on to install it on the phone; the app is hidden in the icon and expect it to run on the background.


One of the popular cell phone monitoring  apps with more than a million users to their credit. It is really easy to use as you just need to install this app on the target phone. This means the phone you are monitoring and with a license code activate it. Then you might be able to monitor the activities of the phone via Mspy remote portal online.

Once you activate the app, you just need to log in to the online portal and synchronize information from your target phone like GPS location or browsing history. A  notable feature of this app is that it has advanced features like social media monitoring, prenatal controls etc

· Parental controls- for your mobile phone this app can be used as parental control. Parents are allowed to block inappropriate sites and incoming calls. Also, you are in a position to control which are the apps that can be used on the mobile phone of a person.

· No Jailbreak procedure- the app allows you to observe the child’s activities on the mobile phone without breaking the iPhone. This module operates when you pull out data from Icloud backups. Just you need to possess the Apple user id and password of the iPhone of your child.

The app is rated to be the best for iPhone users. Having a lot of features along with superior customer service are the pillars of this app.


This ceases to be one of the popular and feature-rich software that has been tested to date. This is one of the few apps in the market that offers the feature of call interception where you are allowed to listen and record phone calls. The only loophole is that you need to jailbreak the iPhone to install this app. Once you can Jailbreak this app you can cash in on the benefits of the iPhone. Just you need to install and configure it, the app would run in the background and silently records all forms of user activity. This includes text, messages, instant messages, social media profiles etc. The data that is collected can be viewed with an online portal or an app.

This app has been in inception since 2006 and is still popular to date. A couple of versions are associated with this app, extreme and premium. All the basic features that you need from a phone spy software you are bound to gain from this app but in case if you are looking for advanced features, then the extreme version is what you need to look out for.


This is a phone app that allows you to track text messages, recorded calls and the list of visited websites. If you happen to be a parent who wants to monitor the activities of their child, then this app would allow you to do so with a secured web portal. The interface of the app is intuitive and simple. The features associated with this app are as follows

·  Free trail- generally a 3-day free trial is offered by this app, so you can see how it works out

· Record calls- from the monitored phone it is possible to record and download calls, which means you can listen to it at any point of time

· Capture screenshots- In a remote manner you can obtain screenshots of the target phone

Though there is a charge of $ 19.95 with this app, that is still a small price to be paying for have complete control over the activities of your child.

The process to get started

The first thing which you need to undertake is the purchase of a phone spy app. Choose a reputed company and figure out that the app has all the necessary features you need. Once you have gone on to purchase the app you will be receiving an email from the company with the log in the information along with the necessary instructions on how to be using the app.

Then you need to be downloading and installing the app. This is to be done on the target phone that you are planning to track. The moment an app is installed you can track the activities of the phone through a mobile-based interface. The process is a simple one.

For installing the spyapp on your iPhone you need to jailbreak the device. In case if you are not allowed to do so you might opt for the Mspy no Jailbreak solution where you can monitor IOS activities without a jailbreak.


In case if you are planning to install a cell phone monitoring software on your device, then Mspy is rated to be the best in the market. Though if you are looking for an advanced version to monitor your phone then you can opt for FlexiSPY extreme. The other apps do not have such exclusive features as this app. Apart from this, there are plenty of apps rolling out a free trial period. You can choose them before finally zeroing in on one.