How Can I Spy On A Phone?

Whether you are a worried parent or an anxious employer, spying and monitoring a device such as a smartphone is well within your legal rights, as long as you are not misusing the retrieved data for individual harm. Parents with minor kids are always haunted by the fact that their kid might be in danger or could be hanging out with the wrong group of people. Therefore keeping a check on their daily activities and monitoring them becomes really important, especially in this day and age where so many dangerous social elements roam the streets.

Much in the same way, it is important for employers to keep a tab on each and every one of their employees, no matter how loyal and faithful they may be. It is important that an employer saves himself and his company from its rivals that might infiltrate the company by sending a spy disguised as an employee, to steal important and confidential information. Install spy phone apps that work discreetly in the targeted devices and send real-time reports of the activities on the device to the employer.

A spy phone software has many features that help you keep track of the device’s movements and activities. Firstly, purchase a legal spy phone software that you feel best addresses your needs and meets the desired requirements and obtain its license. After purchase, install the software on the targeted mobile phone or computer and you are all set. There are a number of different basic and advanced features in a spy phone app that allows you to keep things in check, whether you are a parent or an employer.

GPS Tracking

It is one of the most basic features of a spy app that helps you monitor the location of the device by providing you with real-time and accurate GPS location. You can always log in to your web browser to see and monitor the places that your kid is going to.

SMS tracking

spying becomes a whole lot easier with this basic feature that allows you to read all the incoming and outgoing messages from a device, even if they have been deleted by the user. You can read the messages by logging into your secure account with the password provided to you by the software company.


keeping a check over the contact list of the target phone or computer helps in seeing if there are any unwanted or suspicious contact numbers in the list that might belong to a rival company employee or some stranger.

Call Log

this feature provides you information on all the incoming and outgoing calls from a device. You can also see who the call has been made to, at what time and day was the call made or received, and the time duration of the call. An employer can keep a check on the company’s mobile phones to see to it that no unnecessary or personal calls are being made by the employees at the cost of the company. In some paid and advanced software, one can also record and download the calls to listen to them later. There is also a feature in some spy software that allows you to spy on a live ongoing call.

Photos and Videos

you can view the photos and videos that are stored in the target device to monitor the activities of the user. This feature is useful for employers to keep track of their employees and see to it that no pictures of important or confidential documents are being taken or leaked.

Browser History

another important feature in the spy phone software is the access to the history of the browser. You can view the websites that have been visited, along with all the different searches made in the search engine.

Social networking sites

kids these days are addicted to the numerous social media sites such as facebook, snapchat, whatsapp, instagram, skype, etc. The various spy phone apps allow the user to keep a track of the social network activities, and identify any potential threats such as bullies, online predators and random strangers.

Calendar events

this feature allows you to see all the activities and events planned on the target device’s calendar.


this is an advanced feature available in some of the paid spy phone applications that monitors and records each and every keystroke made on the target device. With this feature, you can also restrict any communication between potential threats such as stalkers, or rival company’s employees.

Parental control

some of the advanced spy phone softwares also act as parental control software that allows the user to block what they think is inappropriate for kids. They can also restrict the time that kids spend on their devices or on certain apps, as well as see which apps can be downloaded on the mobile phones.


it is an advanced feature that allows the user to remotely capture a screenshot of the target mobile phone while the person has no idea.

Camera Tracking

with this feature, you can remotely click picture of anyone who might be trying to unlock the target device. It is especially useful if the target device falls into the wrong hands and important data and personal information is at risk of being stolen.Microphone Activation– some phone spy applications offer this advanced spying feature that enables the user to remotely activate the microphone of the target device to hear what is going on in the surroundings of the device.

These several different features in phone spy applications helps one spy on the target device while being literally invisible on the target mobile phone. In this technologically-advanced world, every parent and every employer should be aware of how to spy a phone for the safety of their own. Spying is more often than not treated as something very unethical. And yes, if spying is being done with the motive of harming someone, it is wrong in every ethical as well as legal manner. But spying on your minor kids for their own safety or spying on your company employees to watch out for any mole is completely ethical as well as legal within its limits.

While there are many spy software in the market, having a decent amount of knowledge on the various features being offered by them is always helpful. So, while you wonder how you can spy on a phone, keep in mind the aforementioned features to help you out at every step.