mSpy Review

mSpy is the mobile monitoring application that can easily be installed on the child’s phone and it permits you for monitoring their instant messages, activity on social media, phone calls, and locations etc. Once it is successfully installed on your phone, mSpy hides completely and runs in the background. Then, it monitors the activities of the child’s Smartphone and sends the reports to your mSpy online account which is easily accessible from any device.

It was launched in the year 2010 and since then, this app has evolved itself into one of the most well-known and popular monitoring software programs across the world. Not only it is easy to set up and reliable but also works on non-jailbroken and jailbroken Android as well as iOS devices. The installation procedure is quite simple and only takes a few minutes. Since the application runs in the background mode and is also invisible to the user, your kids will never get to know that you are spying on them.

Wasting your hard-earned money and time on a phone tracking app that turns out to be useless in the end, is certainly the last thing you want. As the market of phone spy applications is currently overflowing with plenty of products that offer the same general features. Hence, it can be a daunting task to compare them and then find the best one as per your requirements.

2 important things which separate mSpy from all other applications –

1.   Helpful and Responsive customer support

2.   Constancy of operation

One of the major reasons why people love to use this application is because it provides you with a perfect balance of features, customer support, and price.

mSpy Features –

Through the installation of mSpy on the phone of your child, you can exactly see what they are up to and who they are talking to on the social media channels. The location of their phone can also be tracked by this wonderful app.

Its 2 editions are available i.e., Premium and Basic both of which support a wide range of mobile devices such as iPad, Android devices, and iPhone.

Here is the list of those features which can be availed with the Premium Plan –

1. GPS Tracking – This monitoring app records the GPS location of your kid’s phone and also uploads the same for you to have an idea of where your child is during an entire day. If you want, you can also see his/her location on the map in real-time.  

2. See Call history – View who calls your child and whom do they call. Find out the details like contact names, phone numbers, time, duration, and date of the calls.

3. Read the text messages – Go through their received and sent text messages even if they have deleted the same from their phone.

4. Keylogger – record all the keystrokes typed by the user while using the android phone. This special feature is only available for Android OS version 4.0 jailbroken iOS devices.

5. Read the instant messages – You can also monitor your child’s instant messaging chats such as Skype, Watsapp, social media networks like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram etc. However, this feature can only be availed on the rooted jailbroken iOS and Android devices.

6. View videos and photos – Have a look at all the videos and photos stored on the Smartphone of your child.

7. Check out the emails – Go through all outgoing and incoming emails. Mails sent through any email clients or Gmail can also be read.

8. Access calendar and contacts – Check out the contacts list of your child so that you can easily see who they are interacting with. Moreover, you can also check their phone’s calendar events.

9. Monitor the Internet activities – View the website they visit, the viewed web pages, and the search history.

10. Websites and Apps blocking – You can check out all the applications that are installed on the phone of your child and also block particular websites and apps.

11. Keyword Alerts – With the help of this feature, you can easily create the list of the target words like “sex”, ‘guns”, and “drugs” etc. An email notification will be received if any one of the above-mentioned words is used in any chat, text, and email etc.

12. Limitless device change – The mSpy app can be installed upon a single device at a time but if you want, the target device can be changed often without you having to purchase new licenses.

13. Blocking of Incoming Call – For blocking incoming calls from particular numbers, log into the mSpy account and then click on ‘Device Management’. Afterward, you just have to enter those numbers that you wish to block.

14. Invisible Mode – One of the most impressive aspects of this application is the fact that it is completely invisible which means that your kid will never get a hint that he/she is under surveillance.

Keep tabs on the employees

Not only the mSpy app is extremely useful when it comes to parents watching the activities of their children, but one can also use the same for checking out the activities of their employees in an organization. There is no denying the fact that when you are running the business, time is money. You wish that the employees of your company are reliable, and to check whether they are trustworthy or not, keeping them under constant surveillance will give you an idea.

Thanks to mSpy, it becomes convenient for you to ensure the fact that the employees arrive on the job sites within the given time and leave when scheduled. You can also track the amount of time they spend on their phones daily and who do they text during the working hours. Monitoring of their visited sites can also be done for making sure that they are not indulged in any activity that might cause damage to the reputation of your business.

How does mSpy work?

Once this app is successfully installed onto the phone and is activated, it works in the background, just like Google Drive and Dropbox. It means that after a definite period, the monitored phone gets scanned and in case it finds out any new data that it might require uploading, that data gets saved in its data table. Then, it is checked whether the phone is connected to the Internet or not before the new data is uploaded to the online user interface. In case there is no Internet connection, data will stay saved in the data table of mSpy on the Smartphone and will quickly get uploaded once the phone gets connected to the Internet.

It ultimately means that in case the target has deleted text messages from his/her phone, the app will still upload that message provided that it caught the same while the scanning of the phone as any sort of deletion does not affect mSpy data tables.

All of us are aware of the fact that the Internet opens the door for trusting teens to engage in a proactive conversation with the online strangers whom they would never approach in their real life. As far as e-safety is concerned, some common hazards are online predators, kidnapping, sextortion, cyberbullying, scammers, and peer pressure etc.  mSpy is the best tool for all those worrisome parents out there who wish to keep an eye on their kid’s activities on his phone and maintain their well-being.