Phone Sheriff Review

Are you a parent worried about their minor children abusing the privileges of the mobile phone that you have provided them with? Are you concerned that your child may be spending too much time on his or her mobile phone? Well, PhoneSheriff is your one-stop solution to all these concerns. 

PhoneSheriff is a new age parental control software with advanced mobile filtering and monitoring features. It has two different pricing structures for you to choose from – $49 for every six months, or $89 for an annual subscription. Under a single subscription, you can cover up to 3 devices for monitoring. PhoneSheriff is a mobile app compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones, and also iPad and Android tablets. 

Once you have purchased the PhoneSheriff app, it will be available for download. Install the app after jailbreak on the target device. Installation takes about 10 minutes and the internet connection is required for the process. After installation, the app works in the background, invisible to the device’s user. PhoneSheriff has a simple user interface and is easy to use. All the data of the target device is recorded and sent to the online control panel for you to monitor.

PhoneSheriffs parental monitoring features help the parents keep check on their kid’s mobile phone activities. Its features have been divided into two main categories – Filtering features, and Logging Features.

Filtering features help the parent to set up certain restrictions and filters on mobile usage.

  • Application Filtering– This feature allows the parents to block certain cell phone apps from being installed or used by their kid which they feel are not appropriate for them.
  • Contacts Filtering– Parents can also access the contact list of the target device, and set up a blacklist of the contact numbers that they wish to filter
  • Websites Filtering– Parents can also keep a tab of the websites that their children are visiting. They can also use the website filter feature to block access to inappropriate sites by setting up different categories or specific URLs.
  • Time Restriction– Though many refuse to believe it, screen-addiction is a real thing and every parent should be worried about this. Technology has its benefits as well as drawbacks. One such disadvantage is the amount of time spent by kids on their electronic devices and gadgets, and its drastic effect on schoolwork and overall wellbeing. PhoneSheriff comes with a time restriction feature that allows the parents to block certain mobile phone features and apps at certain times during the day. Setting up a restricted time for mobile phone usage allows control over the screen addiction and maintain a specific routine of when the kid can use the mobile phone and for what time duration.
  • Profanity Alert– Another distinct and unique feature that you might not be able to find in any other spy phone software than PhoneSheriff is its profanity alert tool. The parent can continue to monitor the child’s mobile phone activities and also keep a check on any rude or abusive content that might be going from the target device.
  • Phone Lockdown– You can also remotely lock or unlock the target device. If you think that the device has been lost or has fallen into wrong hands, you can play an alarm sound in the device and also wipe out all the phone data to prevent any kind of identity theft
  • Geo-fencing Alert– The parent will be alerted by the app if the target device travels beyond the perimeter that you have set. You can also access and see the real-time location of the mobile phone.
  • Intrusion Alert– If the kid or anyone else tries to override the restrictions set by you or do anything that has been restricted, you will be immediately alerted about the same.

Apart from these filtering features, there are also several logging features that you can access by logging into the online panel. These logging features help you monitor the target mobile phone’s activities.

  • GPS– The GPS receiver in the target smartphone also acts as a GPS tracker. It shows the real-time location of the target device at an interval of thirty minutes. You can also receive the specific coordinates for a location. All you have to do is send n SMS on the target mobile phone. The message does not pop up on the user’s screen, but the PhoneSheriff app automatically sends a reply message with the location coordinates
  • Browser History– The PhoneSheriff app keeps a log of all the websites visited by the user from the target device’s web browser. The parent can access these logs on the control panel and keep a tab on what websites the child is visiting, and the searches being made in the search engine.
  • Text Messages– With this feature, the parents can view and read all the text messages that are received and sent out using the target mobile phone. The parent can fully monitor the child’s texting activities as the software provides a complete log of all the text messages. You can also read the deleted text messages as the app works independently from the phone’s internal logging system. You can log in to your online secure account and view each and every text message stored in the PhoneSheriff interface.
  • Call Log– PhoneSheriff creates the whole list of call logs which include all the incoming as well as the outgoing calls. Parents can access and monitor the calls, view the contact numbers that were dialed or from which calls were received from, along with the day and time, the app also provides information about the time duration of each call
  • Apps– With this feature, you can see which apps have been installed by your kid in the target mobile phone
  • Photos– PhoneSheriff also keeps a log of all the photos that were taken by the target device. Parents can access these logs on the secure control pane
  • Contacts– There is another unique feature provided by the app that alerts the parents whenever a new contact is added to the target mobile phone
  • iMessages– PhoneSheriff also provides access to all the iMessages that are being received and sent out, including the full text of the message as well as the contact that it has been sent to or received from.

With the parental controls provided by PhoneSheriff, you can monitor your child’s phone or tablet online. With the help of this amazing spy phone software, you can keep your child out of the harm’s way, by protecting them from the potential online dangers as well as keeping a track on their whereabouts. PhoneSheriff also helps the parents block certain numbers from contacting their kids. You can block text messages and phone calls to and from certain suspicious contact numbers. With the above-mentioned feature of text messages and call logs, you can also keep a tab on the contacts that might need to be blocked. You can also remove the restrictions applied and blocked numbers whenever you wish. 

After reading through all the features of the PhoneSheriff software, you might be wondering why should you choose to install this software from the hundreds of other software available these days. Well, the answer is very simple. PhoneSheriff has achieved some very high global standards by being the first company to create a parental control software that could monitor Android phones as well. Unlike several other spy phone softwares claiming to be invisible while working, PhoneSheriff software can notify the user of the target device that their activities are under surveillance. This helps keep the children disciplined and less likely to break the rules established by their parents for their safety. This notification is optional, meaning you can turn it off if you do not wish to intimate your kid that he or she is being monitored.

PhoneSheriff app has been developed by a recognized and trusted US-based company that has been in the market since 2003, creating new generation monitoring softwares. Thereby, you can be assured that you are purchasing genuine and professional software that also provides great service. They also provide great customer support. You can contact the company for any queries that you might have regarding the software and the representatives patiently answer all your questions and guide you through the steps needed.


Specially designed for parents, PhoneSheriff has many advanced features that help them monitor their children and their mobile phone usage. It has abundant features that help parents monitor and filter their kids’ online activities. The app also has more alert features than any other spy phone app that helps the parents to remotely monitor their kids.