Best Phone Spy Apps

With the advancement in technology, all kids have a smart phone in their hands these days. As a parent, it is natural to be worried about your kid’s safety and keep a track of what your kids are doing with their phones, and if they are misusing the technology. There are many spy phone software in the market these days that allow you to keep an eye out on your kids’ phone activities, giving you parental controls of the device.

One thing to be noted is that unlike the regular smartphone apps that you download from your phone’s AppStore, these spy apps operate a little bit differently. A certain amount of technical knowledge will come in handy while operating these user interface-heavy apps. 

Below we have listed a few of the best phone spy apps.

Highster Mobile

In the market since 2007, Highster Mobile is one of the best and most reliable mobile spy apps. It is easy to use- download the app on the target device, enter the license key and you are all done. Log-in to your account from a remote device and start tracking the mobile activities. Priced at an affordable, one-time fee of $69.99, it is a great app to spy on a smartphone. At such a decent price, the app offers a variety of tracking features such as:

  • SMS monitoring–  read the messages sent and received in the target mobile phone, even the ones that have been deleted by the user;
  • GPS tracking- get their real-time location so that you can stop worrying and fearing the unknown;
  • Photos and Videos viewing– with this feature, you can keep a tab of the photos and videos on the target phone. This feature is essentially helpful for businessmen who wish to keep a tab on their employees and make sure no official files etc. are being leaked to their rival companies;
  • Monitoring Call Logs– call history, phone numbers, date and time of calls, as well as the time duration of each call can be monitored with the use of this feature;
  • Access to Browser History– you can also keep tabs on what websites they are visiting and their search box;
  • Social Network Monitoring– track your kids’ social network sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.;
  • Access the Calendar and Contacts– you can view their contacts, and monitor their calendar events and entries;
  • Monitoring Installed Apps– with this feature, you can monitor all of the apps that they have installed on their mobile phones.


Another parental control and monitoring software is mSpy. It is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Priced at less than $1 per day, this software is created for the worried parents to keep a tab on their minor kids, well within legal rights. After purchasing and installing the software on the target device, you can access and view the information collected by the software from any web browser. mSpy is quite easy to use. Apart from the basic tracking features such as GPS tracking, viewing multimedia files, tracking SMS, and managing calls, the application also has many advanced features such as:

  • Social Media Monitoring– with this feature, you can keep a check on your kids’ social network activities such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.;
  • Keylogger– with the mSpy Keylogger feature, you can monitor every keystroke made on the device. You can also restrict communication with what you think can be a dangerous stalker, bully, or an online stranger;
  • Parental Control– mSpy also acts as a parental control software that allows you to block inappropriate websites and calls. You can also control which apps can be installed on the target device and also when the apps can be used.


It is a spy app that operates in stealth mode and is a hidden, invisible mobile phone tracking app. It tracks real-time locations, browser history, SMS, change of SIM-card in the target device. This application is for the parents who wish to keep track of their kids’ movements and phone activities. The app’s simple user interface allows you to do so on a secure web browser. Some of the many benefits that come with this useful application are listed below.

  • Screenshots– with this advanced feature, you can capture screenshot of the target device remotely;
  • Record Calls– you can also record as well as download calls the incoming and outgoing phone calls from the target mobile phone and listen to them at any time;
  • Camera Tracking– a very useful feature that accompanies this software is Camera Tracking which enables you to remotely click pictures of anyone who might be trying to unlock the target mobile phone;
  • Free-trial– this is probably one of the best features of the software. Hoverwatch application also offers a free trial of 3 days for those who are in doubt about the app’s effectiveness. 


FlexiSPY has been in the market since 2006 and is still one of the most powerful phone spy apps. It has a fairly simple user interface. After installing the software on the target device, you can remotely access all the data on a web browser or a mobile phone. The app silently runs in the background recording user activity such as texts, emails, GPS, call recording, social media, and many more. FlexiSPY offers two versions: Premium and Extreme. While the Premium version has all the basic features of an efficient phone spy app, the Extreme version supports some useful advanced features such as-

  • Recording phone calls 
  • Remotely activating the microphone to hear and record the phone’s surroundings
  • Intercepting a phone call and listening to the conversation live
  • Remotely activating the camera to secretly see and capture the phone’s surroundings.


It is a hidden smart phone tracker with which you can get access to the phone’s data remotely. It is compatible with all iPads, iPhones, as well as Androids. You can view all the information and data from the device by logging into the personal user dashboard. PhoneSpector’s latest features include simpler installation, enhanced GPS tracking, keylogger, social media tracking. Some more features and benefits of the application are:

  • Calls
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Text messages
  • Calendar activities, etc.

This software is useful for worried parents as well as cautious employers.