How to track your personal car with a GPS?

One of the biggest assets of life is an expensive car which is classy and stylish. Expensive cars mostly come with inbuilt GPS technology as one of the major safety- features. It is one of the major reason for which the car turns expensive, as none will wish to have an under-secured car. What will be safety factors for those cars not having this feature? Well, in this case, we need to take advantage of the available resources like smartphones to manage the job efficiently. Yes, you may need a laptop/ personal computer or some other device with internet connection for locating the car in real-time.

Before we proceed further on how to track personal car with a GPS, first we need to understand what GPS tracking is. Well, it can be defined as a navigation device which is normally carried by car or any other moving vehicle which uses this Global Positioning System for tracking of device’s movements ( also car movement) to determine the location.

Benefits of GPS for Car tracking:

There are certain benefits which one can enjoy when their car is on GPS tracking either with the inbuilt system or using paid or free mobile app.

1. Location Management:

GPS app will provide real-time tracking plus historical information about the car location. You will get an update on car movements, distances traveled, arrival time at destinations and  the routes followed by the car

 2. Fuel Management:

You can keep a track on fuel information, consumption and loss including the refueling stations location. Based on this data, it will be possible to keep a check on fuel costs and decide the shortest routes with proper planning for refueling stations. If you are having a driver or it’s your relative or someone else driving your car then this app can give you accurate information for fuel management.

3. Route Planning:

Offers you the scope to plan routes for covering distance both long and short in a hassle freeway.

 4. Vehicle Performance:

You can keep a track on fuel amount, its consumption, the temperature of the engine, and speed, etc. This will help in planning vehicle maintenance and its servicing.

 5. Driver’s Performance:

If you are having a driver who drops your and picks up from the office or any other place then knowing his Driving behavior is important.  It will create a massive impact on fuel management, road safety, and vehicle maintenance. Capturing data in regards to driver’s performance for example speed, timing, routes,  and pauses, etc will give you an idea about his driving behavior. You can alert the driver if in case he goes for unnecessary stops and drives harsh on road in your absence.

6. Alerts and Notifications:

In case of an accident or unpleasant incident like car stolen happens you will get alert and notifications and police can track the car easily. You can block the engine, doors, etc of the car in case there is an emergency by sending instruction with this electronic device.

There are many GPS provider in the market. In case you are looking for free service then you can try out SpySat which is a good mobile app for GPS tracking.

So how you are going to track your personal car with a GPS?

We will share with you step by step process for tracking your personal car with GPS using SpySat.

  • At the very first step, you need to visit the Google play store. Search for SpySat and then download this car tracking application. To make it simple for you straightway visit this link for download:
  • Once you are done with downloading of the app now install the same on the Android phone. For that, you must open an account with This will empower you to continue taking advantage of this app for tracking
  • After landing at spysat page, you need to press on the logo of spysat to redirect you to the login page. Press on “New Account” to sign up like a new user.
  • Well at sign-up page, you are supposed to enter the login details which you wish to have and other credentials.  Now you need to click on the “Create Account” section for successfully completing the signup process.
  • Once you are done with the signup process, you are supposed to “Add Device”.  By device here it means your mobile details.  Add the cell phone which you will be using like the tracker on the website.
  • Now take the mobile phone in which this mobile app was downloaded.  Now just log in using your login details of spysat.
  • From now onwards you need to make sure that this particular mobile device whose details are used in spysat login account is present in the car which needs to be tracked.  This will help you to monitor the car position from the Spysat website.

There is one major con of this mobile app used for GPS tracking and that is this mobile app is going to consume a huge volume of energy. It will be mandatory for you to ensure that the smartphone must remain connected with a power source or on the other hand it must have excellent battery backup. If you want to count the major pros of this app then we will say that it is a definite ultimate choice if one wants to track a car using GPS for free.

You can compare the market data and then decide which GPS mobile app will be best suitable for you. Some of the parameters that we wish you should check at time of making the selection of this GPS app for tracking your car either free or with the paid app include:

•               Use friendly features

•               Level of difficulty in the installation of the app

•               Performance

•               Mobile Compatibility

•               Pricing

•               Pros and cons

•               Free Trial

•               Customer Support

•               Reviews in the market

These days GPS tracking for the car is very important especially keeping in mind the increased rate of crime in every corner of the world.