MobileSpyAgent Review

MobileSpyAgent is the cost-effective Smartphone monitoring software for the amateurs. It offers general features for helping you spy on your subordinates or children. This application is the advanced spying technology that provides you with the power to monitor the employees, spouse, or kids. Thanks to its amazing features, you can easily monitor any cell phone that you own as well as know its GPS location and view the text messages etc. All of this can happen with the help of the handy remote panel that is accessible anywhere anytime as long as you have an Internet connection.

You just need to simply download the installation package to your target device and once the installation procedure gets completed, all the information will be sent to the remote control panel that you can access. It also permits you to modify things on the target device like limiting the screen time and application usage. This way, it will be easier for you to know the amount of time your kids are spending on their Cell phone than doing some quality exercise and playing outside. If you want, you can also limit the apps and web pages on the computers of your company for stopping the employees from wasting their time on social networking sites and doing anything unrelated to the betterment of profit margins.

One of the most impressive things about MobileSpyAgent is that it outdoes the competitors with the help of its advanced spying features and technology. Sign-up and then use this app today to make sure that the task of monitoring becomes a cakewalk for you.   

Major Highlights

·      MobileSpyAgent offers complete device information i.e., you will get to know everything about your target Smartphone

·      It permits remote tracking of the cell phone with the help of various features

·      Access to texts and calls

·      It works in the covert mode

·      View memos and notes

·      Access to contact list and multimedia files

·      Safe access to the account as well as sound and secure environment

·      Access to the web browser history and several social networks

·      Check out all the games played and apps installed

How does this Application work?

The designing of MobileSpyAgent was done in such a manner that it can be easily installed on a target cell phone and can also be monitored from a remote control panel. This software works effectively on Android and iOS. As mostly all the Smartphones in today’s era use one of these operating systems, MobileSpyAgent emerges out as the useful and versatile spying application. After getting the software, a link will be sent out to you which will offer you the download link as per the operating system that you are spying on. For installing the app, you just have to grab your target phone and then put that link for downloading into the given web browser. Afterward, the application will be downloaded and you can easily run it without any hassle.

Once the entire installation procedure gets finished, it will run smoothly in the background without the device owner getting a hint of the fact that they are under surveillance. You are also provided with an application along with a password and username. After logging in, monitoring of the device takes place. MobileSpyAgent offers you a lot of features like text messages, phone calls, and the person’s location etc.

There is no denying the fact that it is incredible software that will offer important information and useful insight into your employees or children. It can also prove to be helpful for the call centers to monitor the support personnel for making sure that they treat customers appropriately. If you want, you can also give them some useful tips to help them in performing better the next time. Needless to say, buying this software is worth every penny of yours.


1.   Call History – This application allows you to easily monitor the history of a phone call. Ensure the fact that your kids are not conversing with anyone whom they should not be through keeping a check by yourself. Moreover, a lot of couples also use it to check out whether their partner is talking to someone without telling them. Make it a point that the employees are only talking to and answering the customers by keeping a tab on their cell phone call history.

2.   Photo Monitoring – As almost every has the access to a Smartphone in today’s world, you must make sure that your kids are not receiving or sending any objectionable photos. MobileSpyAgent gives you the upper hand so that you can easily monitor the photos. It permits you to have a look at all the photos taken by your cell phone, time of sending them, and the person these were sent to.

3.   Text Messages – Thanks to MobileSpyAgent, you are allowed to monitor all the text messaging that is done on the Smartphone. All incoming and outgoing messages, time and date of sending as well as being received can be easily monitored. Install this application now and be the one in control.

4.   GPS location tracking – Know the exact location of your employees or kids. With the help of this application, the target device’s GPS location can be monitored as the same gets updated in every 15 minutes to the remote control panel.

5.   Monitor Videos – The advancement of Smartphone has made it much easier for anyone to record a video. MobileSpyAgent permits you to monitor the videos received or taken on the monitored phone to ensure the fact that your children are not sending or receiving any inappropriate videos.

6.   Monitor Contacts – Monitor the contacts list of your kid’s phone from your remote control panel and keep a tab on who they are in touch with. It offers you a sense of power as you know what is going on all the time.

Along with the above-mentioned ones, there are a lot of features offered by MobileSpyAgent such as –

·      View the device information

·      Monitor Notes and Memos

·      Browser history

·      Monitor the Smartphone’s calendar

MobileSpyAgent Pricing and Packages

There are 3 packages of this application from which you can choose the most suitable one as per your needs and requirements. Opt for a Basic package that costs you $14.95 monthly and if you want, you can also save 50% and get an annual subscription of $74.95. The Pro plan provides you with the advanced features like Safe Remote Control Panel, Monitoring of installed apps, easy installation, and secured data transfer etc. Its price structure is quite affordable as you can avail the same at just $19.95 monthly or $99.95 annually. Last but not least, the Business plan is the most perfect option for those employees who wish to monitor the activities of their employees. Contact the company’s sales team and they will personalize the best business plan for you.

MobileSpyAgent can surely be characterized as a fairly good app for your general needs. Not only it provides you with all the vital features but also maintains the price structure perfectly as well. The availability of advanced features and quality of easy installation makes it stand out from the crowd.