FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy permits you to spy on the kids or any other person who uses the Smartphone that you own. With its help, you can conveniently listen to or see anything that takes place on your target phone and gain knowledge about the user’s every activity. However, you need to find out about the privacy laws of the area where you reside before using the features of this parental control cell phone software. FlexiSpy holds the capability of making you listen to the phone conversations and read all texts and emails. If you want, you can also bug the room with FlexiSpy, recording the ambient sounds at times you mention by using targeted Smartphone.

What makes this application stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is the only one that covers the whopping amount of 16 messaging applications.

Some of the most common spying tools are contained in this app like –

·      Tracking calls and SMS

·      Listening to the surroundings of the phone

·      Monitoring contacts and emails

·      Tracking the location of your phone

Along with these common tools, FlexiSpy also can do things that its counterparts cannot. For example, there is a feature in this app that permits you to intercept the ongoing calls and then record them. Possibly this app’s most intrusive feature is its capability of cracking passwords for the various services being used on the Smartphone.

How does FlexiSpy work?

This mobile monitoring app secretly records those “events” which take places on the phone. The term events include IM chats, text messages, photos, email, call logs, videos, and GPS etc. After the capturing and recording of these events, they are secretly uploaded to the safe web-based account through the Internet.

For accessing data that is captured on your phone, you just have to log into the FlexiSpy account by using the web browser on a system. Now, it means that you can easily spy the Smartphone from anywhere across the world.


As compared to the other applications in the market, selection of tools and features that are available to the FlexiSpy users is stronger. All the customers have access to more than 150 features and a lot of these tools are impressively exclusive to the FlexiSpy customers.

Here is the list of some of the most noteworthy features and tools –  

·      Call Interception – Not only you can listen to, but can also record the phone calls in the live mode by using the feature of phone calls recording.

·      SMS Tracking – Go through the outgoing and incoming text messages and emails on the targeted device.

·      App Monitoring – You can also track the activities in any famous messaging application such as Facebook, Viber, BBM, Watsapp, WeChat, and Skype etc.

·      GPS Tracking – Thanks to FlexiSpy, now you can easily find out the targeted phone’s exact location at the given moment.

·      Compatibility – Use FlexiSpy.com on a mobile device that can include tablets and cell phones, both of them based on iOS and Android.

·      Record the phone surroundings – Listen as well as save anything that happens around the device.

The logging capabilities of FlexiSpy offer the most value to the users. This mobile safety software offers basic logging features like call history logs. It permits you to see all the phone calls received and made on the monitored Smartphone.

FlexiSpy Packages

This app comes in 2 versions i.e., Extreme and Premium. The latter one offers the basic features that are easy to find in a lot of other spy software as well along with an exception of call recording and call interception. You can avail these 2 features in its extreme version. The comparison chart is available on the FlexiSpy website so that it becomes easy for you to match the most important features according to you.  

Premium Version

This has all the basic features you would expect from the spy app, permitting you to track all the text messages, websites visited, multimedia files, and calls on the target’s phone.  

It captures even more on the rooted device, like Facebook activity as well as instant messages sent through Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Watsapp. Since the time of its first launch, FlexiSpy has been adding new features to its spy application.

It provides features like –

·      Track the GPS location

·      Keylogger

·      Take the screenshots

·      Keyword Alerts

Extreme Version

This version permits you to listen to as well as record calls, remotely control the camera and microphone of your Smartphone, and send the fake text messages.

It offers you features such as –

·       Call Recording

·       Live call interception

·       Ambient Recording (record the surroundings of their phone)

·       Listen to the phone surroundings live (secretly bug the phone)

·       Take photos remotely

How to install FlexiSpy

Installing this app on your cell phone is pretty easy provided that you have access to the phone of your target. Always keep this in mind before you opt for its installation. There is no way that you can install this app in case you do not have the physical access to the cell phone.

It also offers a very brief installation manual along with the detailed screenshots for helping you at every step of the way and if you want, you can take the help of their live chat support. This way, you won’t have to face any problem even in case you are a newbie in terms of installing software on the cell phone. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to check out the installation instructions before you try to install FlexiSpy. It will give you the chance of asking FlexiSpy’s consumer support for clarifying anything in case you have any doubts.

Product Support

FlexiSpy permits even those who are not much tech-savvy to perfectly monitor the Smartphone of their spouse, child, employee, or partner. The handy installation wizard is provided to guide you through everything that is required for setting up the target Smartphone and your phone.

Its user interface is designed for being extremely easy-to-use and being able to operate with all the functions discreetly labeled. In case you come across any confusion or query, 24×7 support is offered via chat or phone.   

You can also visit their official website and gain some important facts about how to use the app appropriately. Here, you will be offered clear solutions to all your problems with the help of step-by-step tutorials.  

Is FlexiSpy user-friendly?

Well to be precise, yes it is. FlexiSpy has one of the most intuitive and simplest user interfaces. Notifications and functions are easy to set up, all reporting is accurately labeled, it is easy to browse the target phone media. In a nutshell, this app is one of the most developed examples of monitoring software in today’s market. It is adequate Smartphone parental control software in case the activity logs are the most important feature to you. Install it and you will easily be able to see text messages, all calls, and emails received and sent on the phone. FlexiSpy is compatible with Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. Yes, it might cost you a bit more but its amazing features are worth every penny of yours.