Thetruthspy Review

Whether you are an attentive employer or the heedful parent, Thetruthspy tool will change your outlook towards mobile spy tools. On the target device, this app tracks valuable and needed the information to the account of the user. What’s more? You can easily implement the phone activity control from Smartphone, tablet, or PC. The developers have designed many variants for providing the comfortable use of Thetruthspy and remote control of the target mobile phone.

The 3 purposes of phone tracker usage mentioned above are the most basic ones. This list goes way longer including curious and innocent kids, old parents who have memory issues, suspicious spouse, and terrible business partners etc. This online location tracker is certainly the perfect option to go for. In case you have troubles with the law, then you can also try the option of hidden call (record it) for presenting irrefutable evidence. Moreover, you can also use this application for saving private Snapchat messages.

A quick overview

For getting the fuller idea of what Thetruthspy is, it is suggested to try it out firsthand. There is no denying the fact that for determining the quality of a program, it is necessary to experience its working procedure. You can quickly install this software on either a computer or Smartphone and after you are done with it, you can begin spying on the targeted device.

You are able to track almost all information stored on the target device which includes call logs, text messages, recent downloads, browsing history, and social media activity etc.

In addition to this, here is the list of some vital features included by Thetruthspy –

·      Access videos and photos stored on the device

·      Track social media activity and accounts

·      View the browser as well as the downloading history

·      Real-time tracking of GPS location

·      Remotely access usage of the device

How to download and start using Thetruthspy?

The procedure for installing and using Thetruthspy is quite simple. Not only home-related but it also works well for business purposes as well. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to download as well as install the most effective spy software available online. Remote spying and communication have now become more affordable, thanks to solutions like Thetruthspy phone application.

With the help of this application, you can easily access your child’s device in case he/she is living far away and have an idea of whether everything is fine or not. It also proves to be really useful for elderly people who are not able to control their phone when alone.

When you want to check the location of your child, you can conveniently use inserted GPS. This mobile monitoring software allows you to track your child’s every step with constant surveillance through your Smartphone. As the caring parent, it will be easy for you to monitor the kid’s most visited places by anonymously using his phone. With the help of Thetruthspy, you can also read and download email message, SMS, or also view the entire browsing history. Any outgoing or incoming phone call can also be tracked.


1.   Remote listen or record surrounding –

You can remotely turn on an option from your online control panel for activating Smartphone microphone and then record the phone surrounding. You can also make the spy call to listen to the phone surroundings.

2.   Remote call recording –

Thetruthspy can be utilized as the call recorder that can remotely record the calls. Once the call is recorded, you can easily view the same on your online account.

3. Social Media Tracking –

You are permitted to monitor the entire social media conversations such as messages’ content, names of both sides, status, stickers, pictures, and profiles for Social Media etc.

4.   Text messages and Calls monitoring –

Every text message (sent, received, and deleted), call (made, accepted, and deleted) is recorded and made visible to you quickly after the activity happens. Deleted records can easily be extracted in case they are a week old.

5. Remotely view videos and photos –

Every video and photo that has been received or sent is instantly recorded and then uploaded to the online dashboard along with full logs.

6.IM chats text messages and calls monitoring –

You can easily extract all the call logs such as names of both the sides, time, date, and duration. Moreover, full conversations can also be extracted along with all logs for Viber, Watsapp, Hangouts, Skype, iMessage, and Kik Messenger etc.

7. Remote GPS location monitoring –

Recording of every phone location activity takes place. The feature of GPS tracking permits you to see the phone location in real-time.

8.Notes logs –

View all the stored notes. Generally, notes logs consist of extremely vital information and that is why it is regarded as a very useful feature.

9.Check out the Browser history –

The feature of Browser history permits you to extract as well as see all the links which have been visited by the Smartphone along with the full logs. Furthermore, you can also take a look at the stored bookmarks.

10.Invisible Mode –

Just when you make the needed move for starting to monitor the mobile phone, you are allowed to opt for hiding Thetruthspy app in the background. All information will still be extracted but the app won’t be visible on your Smartphone.

11.Remotely wipe and backup data –

Every piece of the sensitive data can easily be wiped out or get a backup from the remote distant location.

12.Keylogger for iPhone and Android –

This app is iPhone and Android keylogger. It permits you to view keystrokes i.e., all the input characters.

13.Remote Uninstall –

In case you suddenly decide to stop and remove this spy application from your iPhone or Android device, remote uninstall feature can easily be used.

14.Remotely block apps or lock the phone –

Locking of target or blocking of some apps from a distant location can also be done.

Major highlights of Thetruthspy

·      This application provides you with plenty of mobile tracking features

·      As it works in the stealth mode, undetectability is assured

·      Features list of Thetruthspy has all the important basic tools (and some additional ones as well)

·      Access to all the social networks and browser history

·      Access to contacts list, notes, and every multimedia file etc.

·      Interesting feature of spy call (or the auto-answer)

·      Remote Control

·      Keylogger feature

·      SIM card change alert as well as other notifications

·      Recording as well as blocking the usage of applications

Everyone who is interested in using Thetruthspy monitoring and spying app should gain enough knowledge of the trial period. 2 days is a more-than-enough time period for learning the personal Thetruthspy account. You can conveniently learn phone control commands and functions. Using this app also confirms economic feasibility because the daily price of this app is extremely affordable.

There is a reason why Thetruthspy has been the first choice of many parents as it has proved itself in the market as the most trustworthy spy tool. The company also offers other things related to Internet programs i.e., privacy policy and money-back guarantee. Keep your nerves and relationships healthy as well as your money safe with the help of Thetruthspy app.